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Baym, Gordon

Lectures On Quantum Mechanics (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Taylor & Francis Inc, Januar 1974

608 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 95ill. - 214x140x36 mm

ISBN: 0805306676 EAN: 9780805306675

These lecture notes comprise a three-semester graduate course in quantum mechanics at the University of Illinois. There are a number of texts which present the basic topics very well; but since a fair

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* Photon Polarization * Neutral K Mesons * The Motion of Particles in Quantum Mechanics * Potential Problems, Mostly in One Dimension * Equations of Motion for Operators * Orbital Angular Momentum and Central Potentials * The Hydrogen Atom * Cooper Pairs * Potential Scattering * Coulomb Scattering * Stationary State Perturbation Theory * Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory * Interaction of Radiation with Matter * Spin 1/2 * Addition of Angular Momenta * Isotopic Spin * Rotations and Tensor Operators * Identical Particles * Second Quantization * Atoms * Molecules * Relavistic Spin Zero Particles: Klein-Gordon Equation * Relavistic Spin 1/2 Particles: Dirac Equation

Über den Autor

Gordon Baym has remained at Illinois since his arrival; a frequent visitor to Nordita and the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, he has also been a visiting professor at the Universities in Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagorya. His principal research interests have been in the physics of condensed matter in systems ranging from liquid helium to neutron stars and high energy nuclear collisions. He is also the author of Lectures in Quantum Mechanics. Leo P. Kadanoff left Urbana for Brown University in 1969 and thereafter joined the faculty of the University of Chicago in 1978, where he is presently the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Distinguished Service Professor of Physics. After his early research in Green's functions, he returned to study of critical phenomena near phase transitions, and then toward models of urban growth; his research is now aimed at turbulence and chaos in many-particle systems. For his work is critical phenomena, he received the Buckley prize of the American Physical Society, the Wolf Foundation award, and the Elliot Cresson medal of the Franklin Institute.

ISBN 0-805306-67-6, ISBN 0-80-530667-6, ISBN 0-80530-667-6, ISBN 0-805-30667-6, ISBN 0-8053-0667-6

ISBN 978-0-805306-67-5, ISBN 978-0-80-530667-5, ISBN 978-0-80530-667-5, ISBN 978-0-805-30667-5, ISBN 978-0-8053-0667-5

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