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Bäuerle, Dieter

Laser Processing and Chemistry (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Advanced Texts in Physics

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, September 2011

4th ed - 851 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 310 schwarz-weiße und 4 farbige Abbildungen, 13 schwarz-weiße Tabellen - 242x170x53 mm Book

ISBN: 3642176127 EAN: 9783642176128

Laser Processing and Chemistry gives an overview of the fundamentals and applications of laser-matter interactions, in particular with regard to laser material processing. Special attention is given to laser-induced physical and chemical processes at gas-solid, liquid-solid, and solid-solid interfaces. Starting with the background physics, the book proceeds to examine applications of laser techniques in micro-machining, and the patterning, coating, and modification of material surfaces. This?fourth edition has been revised and enlarged to cover new topics such as 3D microfabrication, advances in nanotechnology, ultrafast laser technology and laser chemical processing (LCP). Graduate students, physicists, chemists, engineers, and manufacturers alike will find this book an invaluable reference work on laser processing.

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The major reference source on this subjectIntroduces all currently significant applications of laser material processingNew?edition covers?hot topics such as 3D microfabrication, advances in nanotechnology, ultrafast laser technology and laser chemical processing (LCP)


Part I Overview and Fundamentals: Introduction.- Thermal, Photophysical, and Photochemical Processes.- Reaction Kinetics and Transport of Species.- Nucleation and Cluster Formation.- Lasers, Experimental Aspects, Spatial Confinement.- Part II Temperature Distributions and Surface Melting: General Solutions of the Heat Equations.- Semi-infinite Substrates.- Infinite Slabs.- Non-uniform Media.- Surface Melting.- Part III Material Removal: Vaporization, Plasma Formation.- Nanosecond-Laser Ablation.- Ultrashort-Pulse Laser Ablation.- Etching of Metals and Insulators.- Etching of Semiconductors.- Part IV Material Deposition:?Laser-CVD of Microstructures.- Growth of Fibers.- Direct Writing.- Thin-Film Formation by Laser-CVD.- Adsorbed Layers, Laser-MBE.- Liquid-Phase Deposition, Electroplating.- Thin-Film Formation by Pulsed-Laser Deposition and Laser-Induced Evaporation.- Part V Material Transformations, Synthesis and Structure Formation:?Material Transformations, Laser Cleaning.- Doping.- Cladding, Alloying, and Synthesis.- Oxidation, Nitridation, and Reduction.- Transformation and Functionalization of Organic Materials.- Instabilities and Structure Formation.- Part VI Diagnostic Techniques, Plasmas: Diagnostic Techniques.- Analysis of Species and Plasmas,- Part VII Lasers in Medicine, Biotechnology and Arts: Lasers in Medicine and Biotechnology.- Restoration and Conservation of Artworks.

Über den Autor

Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Dieter B?uerle, Universit?t Linz, Institut f?r Angewandte Physik.


From reviews of the 3rd edition: ".. In the present edition, some of the most fascinating new developments in the field have been included. Among those are investigations with ultrashort laser pulses, the fabrication of nanoclusters and nanocrystalline films, the synthesis of metastable materials, structural and chemical modificiations of surfaces, etc. More attention is also given to fields of practical interest such as three-dimensional microfabrication, laser cleaning, polishing, and lithography. The book can be used by the experts in the field as a reference source and by the students and beginners in the field as a textbook." K.M. Salikhov, Applied Magnetic Resonance 2000/19/2

ISBN 3-642-17612-7

ISBN 978-3-642-17612-8

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