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Lee, Jessica

Jordan Footprint Handbook (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Footprint Handbooks

Footprint, August 2011

384 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 8 full-colour pages and 8 additional full-colour maps - 185x120x23 mm

ISBN: 1907263284 EAN: 9781907263286

Written by a regional expert, this new guide includes detailed coverage of Jordan's history, culture and archaeology, with plans of all the major sites, as well as all those off the beaten track.

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(1)Planning your trip; (2)Essentials; (3)Amman; (4)Around Amman; (5)East of Amman; (6) Jerash and the North; (7) Jordan Valley; (8) King's Highway; (9) Petra; (10) Wadi Rum; (11) Aqaba; (12) Background; (13) Footnotes

Über den Autor

Since deciding that growing up and getting a proper job was highly overrated at the tender age of 18, New Zealander Jessica Lee has travelled extensively in Asia, Africa and Latin America. A small obsession with houmous and a large obsession with nomadic people led her to the Middle East in 2004 where she fell in love with the Arabic language and the incredible hospitality of the people. She has lived there full-time since 2007, working as a tour leader as well as a writer. When not on the overland trail between Cairo and Istanbul, she can usually be found among the fairy chimneys of central Anatolia where she is attempting to renovate a cave-house.

ISBN 1-907263-28-4, ISBN 1-90-726328-4, ISBN 1-90726-328-4, ISBN 1-907-26328-4, ISBN 1-9072-6328-4

ISBN 978-1-907263-28-6, ISBN 978-1-90-726328-6, ISBN 978-1-90726-328-6, ISBN 978-1-907-26328-6, ISBN 978-1-9072-6328-6

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