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Penn, Robert

It's All About the Bike The Pursuit of Happiness On Two Wheels (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Penguin Books Ltd, Mai 2011

208 S. - Sprache: Englisch - Illustrations, map - 197x129x13 mm

ISBN: 0141043792 EAN: 9780141043791

A celebration of one of mankind's greatest invention - the most efficient self-powered means of transportation ever invented. Rob Penn has designed and built his own dream machine and in describing the process, he explores the history of bikes, their social importance, the science and design involved, and all-in-all welcomes a new golden age for pedal power.

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Über den Autor

Robert Penn is an author, journalist and TV presenter. Robert wrote and presented Tales from the Wild Wood, a TV series about British woodlands. He lives in a wooded valley in the Black Mountains, South Wales, with his wife, three children, two spaniels and a collection of axes.


Gem of a book Economist Penn writes with a Bill-Brysonesque facility for concentrating a lot of information and research into an easy-to-read ... Best of all ... his account enriches your enjoyment of a ride -- Tim Dawson, Cycle Guy Sunday Times Fantastic ... Well worth a read if, like me, you love cycling! -- Paul Smith Artfully, Penn turns his quest for hardware ... into a worldwide spin around cycling and its culture -- William Fotheringham Guardian The pages overflow with pioneers, mavericks and geniuses - certainly, it is hard to imagine anyone who reads this book being able to buy a bike "off the peg" again -- Tim Lewis Observer I've just spent a week pedalling slowly from Windermere to Aviemore with a copy of Penn's zealous eulogy in my pannier. His infectious admiration for the exhilarating sociability of cycling, coupled with reverence for quality craftsmanship, made highly engaging company ... appreciate the wit and enthusiasm of this unusual odyssey -- James Urquhart Independent Penn tells us that the bicycle, as we know it, was invented in 1885 and is the most efficient form of transport ever devised... A joyful book -- William Leith The Scotsman Bike-lit is booming, and while 'cross-country hardtail' might not have the same ring to it as 'penny-farthing', there's evidently little to do with cycling about which Robert Penn can't wax lyrical. Whether his subject is spokes or saddle sores, he is relentlessly enthusiastic... Penn's amiability is puncture-proof -- Stephanie Cross Daily Mail [H]is adrenalin-charged enthusiasm... delivers a good ride... The social history is snappy and his almost religious quest for ultimate craftsmanship full of wit. -- James Urquhart Financial Times

ISBN 0-141043-79-2, ISBN 0-14-104379-2, ISBN 0-14104-379-2, ISBN 0-141-04379-2, ISBN 0-1410-4379-2

ISBN 978-0-141043-79-1, ISBN 978-0-14-104379-1, ISBN 978-0-14104-379-1, ISBN 978-0-141-04379-1, ISBN 978-0-1410-4379-1

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