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Forster, Margaret

Isa and May (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Vintage Publishing, Februar 2011

320 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 197x131x22 mm

ISBN: 0099542099 EAN: 9780099542094

Isamay's unusual name comes from her two very different grandmothers, Isa and May, who were both present at her birth and who have both formed and influenced her whole life in very particular ways.

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An engaging, intriguing novel which will appeal straight to Margaret Forster's heartland, about a young woman, her two very different grandmothers, Isa and May, and the secrets that families keep.

Über den Autor

Born in Carlisle, Margaret Forster is the author of many successful and acclaimed novels, including Have the Men Had Enough?, Lady's Maid, Diary of an Ordinary Woman, Is There Anything You Want?, Keeping the World Away, and Over, bestselling memoirs (Hidden Lives and Precious Lives) and biographies. She is married to writer and journalist Hunter Davies and lives in London and the Lake District.


"Margaret Forster has always had the enviable gift of making her characters spring to life, and both Isa and May do just that" -- Allan Massie The Scotsman "A deliciously observed, dilemma-and-drama-packed read" -- Helen Brown Daily Mail "A compelling story, sometimes funny, sometimes painfully sad... All family life is here, messy, insistent and, as the author convincingly shows, as essential as breathing" -- Penny Perrick Sunday Times "A sensitive and intelligent novel with passages of beautifully modulated pathos, while being in part, hugely funny" -- Matthew Dennison The Times "[Forster] has written so brilliantly about female relationships...she can encapsulate a whole scene in a single sentence... [A] whole rich, fascinating novel" -- Kate Saunders Literary Review

ISBN 0-099542-09-9, ISBN 0-09-954209-9, ISBN 0-09954-209-9, ISBN 0-099-54209-9, ISBN 0-0995-4209-9

ISBN 978-0-099542-09-4, ISBN 978-0-09-954209-4, ISBN 978-0-09954-209-4, ISBN 978-0-099-54209-4, ISBN 978-0-0995-4209-4

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