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Liu, Honghai (Herausgeber); Ding, Han (Herausgeber); Xiong, Zhenhua (Herausgeber); Zhu, Xiangyang (Herausgeber)

Intelligent Robotics and Applications Third International Conference, ICIRA 2010, Shanghai, China, November 10-12, 2010. Proceedings, Part II (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6425

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, Oktober 2010

771 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 243x156x29 mm Book

ISBN: 3642165869 EAN: 9783642165863

The market demand for skills, knowledge and adaptability have positioned robotics to be an important field in both engineering and science. One of the most highly visible applications of robotics has been the robotic automation of many industrial tasks in factories. In the future, a new era will come in which we will see a greater success for robotics in non-industrial environments. In order to anticipate a wider deployment of intelligent and autonomous robots for tasks such as manufacturing, healthcare, ent- tainment, search and rescue, surveillance, exploration, and security missions, it is essential to push the frontier of robotics into a new dimension, one in which motion and intelligence play equally important roles. The 2010 International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications (ICIRA 2010) was held in Shanghai, China, November 10-12, 2010. The theme of the c- ference was "Robotics Harmonizing Life," a theme that reflects the ever-growing interest in research, development and applications in the dynamic and exciting areas of intelligent robotics. These volumes of Springer's Lecture Notes in Artificial Intel- gence and Lecture Notes in Computer Science contain 140 high-quality papers, which were selected at least for the papers in general sessions, with a 62% acceptance rate Traditionally, ICIRA 2010 holds a series of plenary talks, and we were fortunate to have two such keynote speakers who shared their expertise with us in diverse topic areas spanning the rang of intelligent robotics and application activities.

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Unique visibilityState-of-the-art researchFast-track conference proceedings


Industrial Process Control, Manufacturing Processes, and Automation.- A Behavior-Based Path Planning for Autonomous Vehicle.- An Uncertainty Approach for Fixture Layout Optimization Using Monte Carlo Method.- The Small-World Network Model of Mixed Production Line.- Distributed Cooperative Control of Industrial Robotic Systems Using Petri Net Based Multitask Processing.- A Graph Based Hybrid Approach of Offline Pre-planning and Online Re-planning for Efficient Assembly under Realtime Constraints.- Improved Inertial Pose Estimation Algorithms for On-Site Hydraulic Turbine Blade Repairing Robot.- Tool Path Generation Based on BCELTP for Maximizing Machining Strip Width.- Mobile Robotics.- Dual-Quaternion-Based Variable Structure Control: A New Approach and Application.- A 3-D Simulation of Unicycle Robot Based on Virtual Prototyping Technology.- A Study of the Electric Wheelchair Hands-Free Safety Control System Using the Surface-Electromygram of Facial Muscles.- A New Triple-Based Multi-robot System Architecture and Application in Soccer Robots.- Pursuit Evasion in Dynamic Environments with Visibility Constraints.- Wall Following with a Single Ultrasonic Sensor.- Kinematics Modeling and Analysis of a Five-Wheeled Rover with Caster and Camber.- Experimental Investigation of a Prediction Algorithm for an Indoor SLAM Platform.- Trajectory Estimation of a Skid-Steering Mobile Robot Incorporating Free Wheels.- Kinematics Modeling and Analyses of an Articulated Robot.- A Tracking Robot Based on Wireless Beacon.- A Class of Biped Mechanisms with Three Links and Two Joints.- Time Efficient Strategy to Explore Unknown Indoor Environments by Mobile Ground Robots.- Overhead High-Voltage Transmission Line Deicing Robot System and Experiment Study.- Theory and Applications of Heavy Manipulators.- Projection on Convex Set and Its Application in Testing Force Closure Properties of Robotic Grasping.- Buffering Indices for Robot Manipulators Based on the Energy Distribution.- Robust Robotic Grasping Force Optimization with Uncertainty.- Analysis of Forging Compliance Process and Design of the Forging Simulator.- Field Calibration Method of Camera for Measuring the Dimensions of Large Forging.- Velocity Control of the Horizontal Buffer System for Heavy Load Forging Manipulator.- Performance Optimization of Forging Manipulator during the Whole Forging Stroke.- Structural Optimization for Wall Frame Design of a Forging Manipulator.- Gripping Force Model and Influence Factors of Gripping Device for Heavy Forging Manipulators.- A Contact/Impact Analysis of Rigid Bodies Based on Newmark Direct Integration Method.- RFID Enabled Remote Structural Health Monitoring for Heavy Lifting Appliances.- Robot Vision.- Compact Robot Vision for Moving Points.- Motion Compensation Algorithm Based on Color Orientation Codes and Covariance Matching.- An Advanced Algorithm for Illumination-Based Synchronization of High-Speed Vision Sensors in Dynamic Scenes.- Biomedical and Rehabilitation Engineering, and Medical Robotics.- A Method to Control Ankle Exoskeleton with Surface Electromyography Signals.- A Resistance Compensation Control Algorithm for a Cable-Driven Hand Exoskeleton for Motor Function Rehabilitation.- Kinematic Modeling of Bevel Tip Flexible Needle.- An Adaptive RBF Neural Network Control Strategy for Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot.- Model Complexity Reduction of the Hand Musculoskeletal System in Tremulous Motion.- A Wearable Rehabilitation Robotic Hand Driven by PM-TS Actuators.- A Cooperated-Robot Arm Used for Rehabilitation Treatment with Hybrid Impedance Control Method.- Characteristics of the Robotic Arm of a 9-DoF Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot Powered by Pneumatic Muscles.- Optics Based Motion Measurement for a Catheter Navigation System: A Novel and Low Cost Approach.- Human-Friendly Robot Partners.- Visual-Audio Integration for User Authentication System of Partner Robots.- Synthetic Finger Phalanx with Lifelike Skin Compliance.- Study on Educational Application of Android Robot SAYA: Field Trial and Evaluation at Elementary School.- Essential Technology for Team Teaching Using Robot Partners.- The Style of Information Service by Robot Partners.- Surface Inspection, Modeling and Machining.- Improved Full-Discretization Method for Milling Chatter Stability Prediction with Multiple Delays.- An Algorithm to Generate Compact Dual NURBS Tool Path with Equal Distance for 5-Axis NC Machining.- Prediction of Cutting Forces Integrated Run-Out Effect for Five-Axis Peripheral Milling with a Cylindrical Cutter.- Measurement Error Compensation Using Data Fusion Technique for Laser Scanner on AACMMs.- Modelling for Robotics and Manufacturing Automation.- Evaluating Q-Learning Policies for Multi-objective Foraging Task in a Multi-agent Environment.- A Hybrid GA-AIS Heuristic for Optimization of Multipass Turning Operations.- Robot Assisted Stroke Rehabilitation: Joint Torque/Force Conversion from EMG Using SA Process.- Genetic Goal Oriented Path Planning Algorithm for Acute Obstacle Avoidance in Mobile Robot Navigation.- Services Integration Framework for Vehicle Telematics.- Manipulating a Micro Stream by 'Hydro Tweezers' for Integration of Nanodevices.- Multi-modality - EMG and Visual Based Hands-Free Control of an Intelligent Wheelchair.- Robot and Investigation.- A Novel Hand-Gesture Recognition Method Based on Finger State Projection for Control of Robotic Hands.- Adaptive Compliance Control for Collision-Tolerant Robot Arm with Viscoelastic Trunk.- CAN-Bus Based Distributed Control System for Hydraulic Turbine Blade Repairing Robot.- Visual Assistance to an Advanced Mechatronic Platform for Pick and Place Tasks.- An Approach to Multi-robot Site Exploration Based on Principles of Self-organisation.- Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics of Single Piston Hydraulic Free Piton Engine.- Carbon-Based Nanostructured Coatings on NiTi Shape Memory Alloy for Biomedical Applications.- Closed-Loop Stiffness Modeling and Stiffness Performance Analysis for Multi-axis Process System.

ISBN 3-642-16586-9

ISBN 978-3-642-16586-3

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