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Leary-Joyce, Judith

Inspirational Manager: How to Build Relationships That Deliver Results (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)


328 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 214x139x22 mm

ISBN: 0273745689 EAN: 9780273745686

Inspirational managers earn more respect, suffer less stress and produce better results than other managers. Want to be one? This book tells you how.Drawing on the experiences of real inspirational managers, facing real challenges and managing real people, Inspirational Manager, now in it's second edition, gives you the tools and techniques to ensure that people notice you and say - "now there's a great manager!?.

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Acknowledgements 1 It's got to be better than this! * The benefits of being an inspirational manager * The Field of Dreams * Now over to you 2 What it takes to be an inspirational manager * So you want to be an inspirational manager * What sort of manager are you? * Moving from effective to inspirational * Summary * Action plan 3 The beliefs of an inspirational manager * What inspirational managers believe in * The benefits of being an inspirational manager * Managing upwards in an inspirational way * Summary * Action plan 4 Keep on learning * Developing your emotional muscle * Where will I find this learning? * Yourself as a role model * Summary * Action plan 5 Focusing your attention * Why focus matters * Identifying your natural focus * Crisis of focus * Can I have balanced focus and still be ambitious? * Summary * Action plan 6 The inspirational manager as coach * The differences between coaching and mentoring * Using a coaching style * Purpose of coaching * Coaching interventions * Stages in a coaching session * Giving advice * Summary * Action plan 7 Building inspirational teams * Team framework * Developing your own team style * Summary * Action plan 8 The performance management process * Performance management feels very demanding * Valuing performance management * The essence of inspirational performance management *Setting up inspirational performance management * Examples of inspirational performance management * The inspirational performance management process * Summary * Action plan 9 Making the most of delegation * What is delegation * Assess your workload * The process of delegation * Making the best use of mistakes * Summary * Action plan 10 Day-to-day talent management * Stages of talent management * How will I fit it all in? * Lack of opportunity in the organisation * Summary * Action plan 11 Managing serial achievers * The Life Alignment Curve * Managing through the Life Alignment Curve * Summary * Action plan 12 Setting up your team for success * Getting to grips with core talent * Understanding achiever style * Creating an environment for success * Summary * Action plan 13 Holding the tough conversations * Addressing performance issues * Delivering a tough message * The final call * Summary * Action plan 14 Recruiting the best * How to recruit the best * How inspirational managers interview * So you find the right people, then what? * Summary * Action plan 15 Building recognition into your day * Find your own limits * Do fun and work mix? * Getting to grips with validation * How to celebrate success * Making recognition part of the working day * Involving family and friends * A final word * Summary * Action plan 16 The leader in every manager * What is the difference between leading and managing? * The inspirational manager as leader * Summary * Action plan Appendix 1: Who are these inspirational managers? Appendix 2: Inspirational bits Index

Über den Autor

Judith O'Leary's 30-year career led her to set up Great Companies Consulting, to support companies in building workplaces that make a positive contribution to the life of employees, whilst being successful in the market place.

ISBN 0-273745-68-9, ISBN 0-27-374568-9, ISBN 0-27374-568-9, ISBN 0-273-74568-9, ISBN 0-2737-4568-9

ISBN 978-0-273745-68-6, ISBN 978-0-27-374568-6, ISBN 978-0-27374-568-6, ISBN 978-0-273-74568-6, ISBN 978-0-2737-4568-6

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