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Selgelid, Michael J. (Herausgeber); McLean, Angela (Herausgeber); Arinaminpathy, Nimalan (Herausgeber); Savulescu, Julian (Herausgeber)

Infectious Disease Ethics Limiting Liberty in Contexts of Contagion (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Netherland, Februar 2011

Edition - 145 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 4 schwarz-weiße Tabellen - 269x202x17 mm Book

ISBN: 9400705638 EAN: 9789400705630

Infectious disease ethics is one of the fastest growing-and increasingly being recognised as one of the most important-topics in bioethics and public health ethics. Paramount among ethical issues associated with infectious disease are those that arise with conflict between the goal to promote individual liberty, on the one hand, and the goal to promote other legitimate social goals such as (equality or) utility in the way of public health, on the other. Authored by world leading figures in philosophy, bioethics, law, public health and medicine, the papers in this volume focus on such conflicts and, inter alia, illustrate the diversity of ways in which such conflicts can arise and offer carefully argued, creative solutions for addressing them. They cover a broad range of topics including ethical issues associated with pandemic planning, health workers' rights and duties, vaccination policy, coercion and compensation, opt-out HIV testing, public health surveillance, and bioterrorism.

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Covers one of the most important and fastest growing areas of bioethics and public health ethicsAn unique interdisciplinary collection of papers authored by world leading figures in philosophy, bioethics, law, public health and medicineBroad in scope, with up-to-date analysis of controversies surrounding pandemic planning, drug resistance, vaccination policy, public health surveillance, bioterrorism, and other emerging topics in public health ethics.


PrefaceIntroduction Michael J. Selgelid, Angela R. McLean, Nimalan Arinaminpathy and Julian SavulescuPart I:? Pandemic PlanningChapter 1:? Moral Principles for Allocating Scarce Medical Resources in an Influenza Pandemic Marcel VerweijChapter 2:? Effective use of a Limited Antiviral Stockpile for Pandemic Influenza Nimalan Arinaminpathy, Julian Savulescu and Angela R. McleanPart II:? Health Workers' Rights and DutiesChapter 3:? Rights and Duties of HIV Infected Health Care Professionals Lawrence O. Gostin? Chapter 4:? Do Physicians' Legal Duties to Patients Conflict with Public Health Values? The Case of Antibiotic Overprescription Carl H. ColemanPart III:? Vaccination PolicyChapter 5:? Risk Perceptions and Ethical Public Health Policy:? MMR Vaccination in the UK Angus Dawson Chapter 6:? A New Vaccine for Tuberculosis: The Challenges of Development and Deployment Helen A. Fletcher, Tony Hawkridge and Helen McShanePart IV:? Coercion and CompensationChapter 7:? Should Persons Detained During Public Health Crises Receive Compensation? S?ren HolmChapter 8:? Your Liberty or Your Life: Reciprocity in the Use of Restrictive Measures in Contexts of Contagion A. M. Viens, C?cile M. Bensimon and Ross E. G. UpshurPart V:? Opt-Out HIV TestingChapter 9:? Increasing Knowledge of HIV Infection Status through Opt-Out HIV Testing Harold W. JaffeChapter 10:? Challenging the Status Quo Dominic WilkinsonPart VI:? SurveillanceChapter 11:? The Limits of Privacy:? Surveillance and the Control of Disease Ronald Bayer and Amy Fairchild Chapter 12:? Syndromic Surveillance and Patients as Victims and Vectors Leslie P. Francis, Margaret P. Battin, Jay Jacobson and Charles SmithPart VII:? Dual-Use ResearchChapter 13:? Dual-Use Research Codes of Conduct:? Lessons from the Life Sciences Michael J. Selgelid Chapter 14:? Dual Use and the Ethical Responsibility of Scientists Hans-J?rg Ehni

ISBN 9-400705-63-8, ISBN 9-40-070563-8, ISBN 9-40070-563-8, ISBN 9-400-70563-8, ISBN 9-4007-0563-8

ISBN 978-9-400705-63-0, ISBN 978-9-40-070563-0, ISBN 978-9-40070-563-0, ISBN 978-9-400-70563-0, ISBN 978-9-4007-0563-0

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