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Sinnott, Jan D. (Herausgeber)

Identity Flexibility During Adulthood Perspectives in Adult Development (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer International Publishing, Oktober 2017

339 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 10 schwarz-weiße und 10 farbige Abbildungen, Bibliographie - 241x159x27 mm Book

ISBN: 3319556568 EAN: 9783319556567

This volume seeks to explore the idea of identity as a flexible center of events around which aspects of the self and events in the outside world are organized.? Historically, in much of the literature, identity was conceptualized as a somewhat fixed, unchanging construct. Scholars now have a greater awareness of more nuanced theories about identity and there is a greater willingness to accept that identity is not fixed, concrete, and permanent, but rather evolving and fluid. ?Although this volume discusses a wide variety of aspects of identity as it flexibly changes during adulthood in the face of numerous experiences, it is really addressing one key question.? How adaptive and fluid is identity and how can we know ourselves as both continuing and changing?? Exploring these ideas raises the importance of future research on adult identity. With a firm grounding in the historical and theoretical background of identity research, this volume begins by defining identity and the psychological "self" as a center around which the person's behaviors and self-concepts revolve. The following chapters gather the wisdom of many writers who all accepted the challenge of talking about creating a flexible adult self and identity during adulthood.? They ?come at this challenging question from many different perspectives using different tools.? Some survey existing literature and theory, then summarize prior work in a meaningful way.? Some discuss their own research; some reflect on personal experiences that have demanded a flexible identity.? Also included in the coverage are discussions of methodology and validity issues for studies and scales of identity.?? With its dual focus on research and applied fields ranging across social and personality psychology, industrial/occupational psychology, cross-cultural psychology, mental health, existential issues, relationships, and? demographic categories, Identity Flexibility During Adulthood: Perspectives on Adult Development is a fascinating and complex resource for psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, gerontologists, and all those interested in our changing identities.??

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Addresses the idea of adult identity as a constructed, flexible aspect of human experience?Focuses?beyond the person to examine the interpersonal and world context of identity creationContributions range across theoretical, experimental,? developmental, cognitive, and applied aspects of identity flexibility


Contents ? Preface Part One: Concepts of Identity 1.On the Stability of Identity Interacting with the Impermanence of Time Evangeline A. Wheeler 2. Cognitive Underpinnings of Identity Flexibility in Adulthood ??????????? Jan D. Sinnott Part Two: Research, Theory, Personal Experiences 3. Identity Flexibility and Wisdom in Adulthood: The Roles of a Growth-Oriented Identity Style and Contemplative Processes ??????????? Sherry L. Beaumont 4. In Experiential Exploration of Identity during Emerging Adulthood: The Impact of Growth Experiences on Emerging Adulthood Characteristics ??????????? Luke Boardman 5. Bridging the Gap: Black Immigrant Identities and Dreams of Home ??????????? Leonie J. Brooks 6. Flexibility in Persons with Dementia ??????????? Cameron J. Camp 7. Spirituality as a Framework for Confronting Life's Existential Questions in Later Adulthood ??????????? John C. Cavanaugh 8. Rural-urban Migration, Quality of Life, and Identity Commitments among Badaga People of South India ??????????? Gareth Davey 9.?The Concurrent Paths of Parental Identity and Child Development??Maria P. Fracasso 10. "Like a Constantly Flowing River": Gender Identity Flexibility among Non-binary Transgender Individuals ??????????? M. Paz Galupo, Lexi K. Pulice-Farrow, and Johanna L. Ramirez 11. Identity Stories to Jettison ??????????? Louise Green 12. Work and Identity Flexibility ??????????? Carol Hoare 13. Moving from Student to Professional ??????????? Shaina A. Kumar 14. Play, Flow, and Tailoring Identity in Middle Adulthood ??????????? Kevin Rathunde and Russell Isabella 15. Optimizing Challenges: Eminent Elders Meet Adversity with Identity Flexibility ??????????? Grant J. Rich 16. Identity Flexibility and Buddhism ??????????? Jeff Rosenberg 17. Identity Revised: A Clinician's Perspective on what an Identity-based Model of Mind Looks Like ??????????? Vedat Sar 18. Caregiving Identity and Flexibility ??????????? Kim Shifren 19. Dual Identities and the Artist ??????????? Valerie Smith 20. The Sick Self ??????????? Betsey Stellhorn 21. "Just When I Knew All of Life's Answers, They Changed the Questions": A Eudaimonist Perspective on Identity Flexibility During the Adult Years ??????????? Alan S. Waterman Index

Über den Autor

Jan D. Sinnott, PHD, is a Professor of Psychology at Towson University in Baltimore, MD, and a Licensed Psychologist. She specializes in Lifespan Positive Development and the applications of existential, transpersonal, mind-body and positive psychology to adult growth and development. After completing a Postdoc at the National Institute on Aging, she developed her theory of complex problem-solving in adulthood, termed Complex Postformal Thought. She has authored or co-authored over 100 scholarly and applied books and publications. Her research team is currently studying Complex Problem-solving, Concepts of the Self, Intelligence, Mindfulness, and Satisfaction in Intimate Relationships. Her recent books include: Positive Psychology: Advances in Understanding Adult Motivation (2013, Springer) and Adult Development: Cognitive Aspects of Thriving Close Relationships (2014, Oxford University Press).

ISBN 3-319-55656-8

ISBN 978-3-319-55656-7

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