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Wu, Tsung-Tsong (Herausgeber); Ma, Chien-Ching (Herausgeber)

IUTAM Symposium on Recent Advances of Acoustic Waves in Solids Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on Recent Advances of Acoustic Waves in Solids, Taipei, Taiwan, May 25-28, 2009 (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: IUTAM Bookseries 1010

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Netherland, September 2010

446 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 241x165x33 mm

ISBN: 9048198925 EAN: 9789048198924

Rapid growth of the mobile communication market has triggered extensive research on the bulk as well as surface acoustic wave devices in the last decade. Quite a few important results on the modeling and simulation of Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator (FBAR) and Layered SAW devices were reported recently. The other recent advance of acoustic waves in solids is the so-called phononic crystals or phononic band-gap materials. Analogous to the band-gap of light in photonic crystals, acoustic waves in periodic elastic structures also exhibit band-gap. Important applications of phononic band gap materials can potentially be found with creating a vibration free environment in microstructures, and design of advanced acoustic frequency filter, etc. In addition to the wave electronics and phononic crystals, to facilitate the emerging needs in the quantitative nondestructive evaluation of materials, waves in anisotropic solids and/or electro-, magneto- interaction problems also regained much attention recently. Topics treated include: Waves in piezoelectric crystals; Simulation of advanced BAW and SAW devices; Analysis of band gaps in phononic structures; Experimental investigation of phononic structures; Waves in multilayered media;Waves in anisotropic solids and/or electro-, magneto- interaction problems.

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Provides a unique perspective on acoustic waves in structured materials Experts from wave electronics, phononic crystals, and waves in anisotropic solids present the latest developments in theory and applications, and emphasize fundamental concepts, which unify wave science Highlights the recent work on waves in anisotropic solids andor electro-, magneto- interaction problems


Preface; In Honor of Professor Yih-Hsing Pao's 80th Birthday; Table of Contents; Part I : Waves in General; Existence of Exceptional Body Waves and Subsonic Surface Waves in Monoclinic and Orthotropic Materials, by T. C. T. Ting; Deformation Waves in Microstructured Materials: Theory and Numerics, by Jüri Engelbrecht, Arkadi Berezovski and Mihhail Berezovski; Part II : Waves and NDE; Generation and Propagation of Anti-Plane Surface Waves on a Body with Depth-Dependent Properties, by Jan D. Achenbach and Oluwaseyi Balogun; Resonance Ultrasound Microscopy for Imaging Young's Modulus of Solids, by Masahiko Hirao and Hirotsugu Ogi; Non-Classical Nonlinearity in Solids for Defect-Selective Imaging and NDE, by Igor Solodov; Counterpropagating Ultrasonic Waves for Inhomogeneous Materials Characterization, by Arvi Ravasoo; Ultrasonic Characterization of the Mechanical Properties of Thin Films and Coatings, by Sridhar Krishnaswamy ; Evaluation of Corrosion in Carbon Steel Pipes by Laser-Generated Guided Wave, by Do-Youn Kim, Joon-Hyun Lee, Younho Cho, Jaesun Lee and Jan D. Achenbach; Measurement of Surface and Lamb Waves with Application on Acoustic Sensing and Non-Destructive Evaluation, by Yung-Chun Lee, Shi Hoa Kuo and Cheng-Hsien Chung; Part III : Phononic Crystals; Guided Elastic Waves at Periodically Structured Surfaces and Interfaces, by A. G. Every and A. A. Maznev; Acoustic Cloaking by Metafluids, by Jos? S?nchez-Dehesa and Daniel Torrent; Band Structure and Phonon Transport in a Phononic Crystal Made of a Periodic Array of Dots on a Membrane, by B. Djafari Rouhani, Y. Pennec and H. Larabi; Material Parameters Determining the Band Gaps of Solid-Solid Phononic Crystals, by Xiao-Zhou Zhou, Yue-Sheng Wang and Chuanzeng Zhang; Behavior of Wave Motion in an Acoustic Metamaterial with Anisotropic Mass Density, by C. T. Sun and H. H. Huang; Complex Band Structure of Phononic Crystals and the Diffraction Problem, by Vincent Laude, Younes Achaoui, SarahBenchabane and Abdelkrim Khelif; Versatile Phononic Slabs, by I. E. Psarobas; Omnidirectional Band Gap Mirror for Surface Acoustic Wave, by Abdelkrim Khelif, Abdelkrim Choujaa, Sarah Benchabane and Vincent Laude; Band Structure of Three-Dimensional Phononic Crystals with an Opal Structure, by Yukihiro Tanaka, Shin-ichiro Tamura and Takuro Okada; Bandgap Characteristics of a 3D Phononic Meta Material Composed of Ordered Quantum Dots, by Yu-Chieh Wen, Tzu-Ming Liu, Christian Dais, Detlev Grützmacher, Tzung-Te Chen, Yang-Fang Chen, Jin-Wei Shi and Chi-Kuang Sun; Analytical and Experimental Analysis of Bandgaps in Nonlinear One Dimensional Periodic Structures, by Nicholas Boechler, Chiara Daraio, Raj K Narisetti, M. Ruzzene and M. J. Leamy ; Lamb Waves in Phononic-Crystal Plates: Numerical Studies and Experiments, by Tsung-Tsong Wu, Jin-Chen Hsu and Jia-Hong Sun; Part IV : Wave Electronics; Phase-Sensitive and Fast-Scanning Laser Probe System for RF SAW/BAW Devices, by Ken-ya Hashimoto, Nan Wu, Keisuke Kashiwa, Tatsuya Omori, Masatsune Yamaguchi, Osamu Takano, Sakae Meguro, Naoki Kasai and Koichi Akahane ; A Two-Dimensional Analysis of Surface Acoustic Waves in Finite Piezoelectric Plates, by Ji Wang, Rongxing Wu and Jianke Du; Wireless Drive of Piezoelectric Components, by Junhui Hu and Satyanarayan Bhuyan; Novel High Frequency, Temperature Stable, Quartz Gyroscopes, by Yook-Kong Yong and Jianke Du; COM Model Characterization for RF SAW Devices, by Ben Abbott, Kevin Gamble, Natalya Naumenko, Svetlana Malocha and Marc Solal ; Propagation Characteristics of Surface Acoustic Wave and Properties of Gas Sensors on Quartz, by Chi-Yen Shen, Cheng-Liang Hsu, Ming-Yau Su, Rume-Tze Tsai and Shih-Han Wang; Three Dimensional Displacement Measurement of Transient Elastic Wave Propagation Using a Multidimensional Point-Wise Fiber Bragg Grating Displacement Sensor System, by Kuo-Chih Chuang and Chien-Ching Ma; Part V : Seminar Section; Band Structure Calculations by Modal

ISBN 9-048198-92-5, ISBN 9-04-819892-5, ISBN 9-04819-892-5, ISBN 9-048-19892-5, ISBN 9-0481-9892-5

ISBN 978-9-048198-92-4, ISBN 978-9-04-819892-4, ISBN 978-9-04819-892-4, ISBN 978-9-048-19892-4, ISBN 978-9-0481-9892-4

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