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Koller, F. (Herausgeber); Masters, John (Herausgeber); Palsson, Bernhard Ø (Herausgeber)

Human Cell Culture Primary Hematopoietic Cells (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Springer Netherlands, Springer Netherland, Dezember 2010

2002 - 356 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 236x151x20 mm Previously published in hardcover

ISBN: 904815264X EAN: 9789048152643

The daily production of hundreds of billions of blood cells through the process of hematopoiesis is a remarkable feat of human physiology. Transport of oxygen to tissues, blood clotting, antibody- and cellular-mediated immunity, bone remodeling, and a host of other functions in the body are dependent on a properly functioning hematopoietic system. As a consequence, many pathological conditions are attributable to blood cell abnormalities, and a fair number of these are now clinically treatable as a direct result of hematopoietic research. Proliferation of hematopoietic stem cells, and their differentiation into the many different lineages of functional mature cells, is highly regulated and responsive to many environmental and physiological challenges. Our relatively advanced understanding of this stem cell system provides potentially important insights into the regulation of development in other tissues, many of which are now being acknowledged as stem ce- based, perhaps even into adulthood. The recent public and scientific fanfare following announcement of human embryonic stem cell studies suggests that stem cell research will continue to be a relevant and exciting topic.

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Introduction. 1. Hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells; M.R. Koller, B.O. Palsson. 2. In vitro T-lymphopoiesis; M. Rosenzweig, D.T. Scadden. 3. T-Lymphocytes: Mature polyclonal and antigen-specific cell expansion; B.L. Levine, et al. 4. The culture, characterization, and triggering of B lymphocytes; G. Teoh, K.C. Anderson. 5. Monocytes and macrophages; I.N. Rich. 6. Isolation and cultivation of osteoclasts and osteoclast-like cells; P.A. Osdoby, et al. 7. Isolation and culture of human dendritic cells; M.A. Morse, H.K. Lyerly. 8. In vitro proliferation and differentiation of CD34+ cells to neutrophils; J.G. Bender. 9. Isolation and culture of eosinophils; H.F. Rosenberg. 10. Isolation and culture of mast cells and basophils; P. Valent. 11. Purification and culture of erythroid progenitor cells; C.-H. Dai, et al. 12. In vitro development of megakaryocytes and platelets; M.O. Muench, J.-H. Shieh. 13. Perspectives, ethics, and clinical issues in the use of primary human cells; M.P. Moyer.

ISBN 9-048152-64-X, ISBN 9-04-815264-X, ISBN 9-04815-264-X, ISBN 9-048-15264-X, ISBN 9-0481-5264-X

ISBN 978-9-048152-64-3, ISBN 978-9-04-815264-3, ISBN 978-9-04815-264-3, ISBN 978-9-048-15264-3, ISBN 978-9-0481-5264-3

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