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Handbook of Transdisciplinary Research (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Netherland, Januar 2008

448 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 241x163x32 mm Gb

ISBN: 1402066988 EAN: 9781402066986

Transdisciplinary Research (TR) is an emerging field in the knowledge society for relating science and policy in addressing issues such as new technologies, migration, and public health. This handbook provides a structured overview of the manifold experiences gained in these fields. In the first part, 21 projects from all over the world present their research approaches. In the second part, cross-cutting challenges of TR are discussed in reference to the same projects.

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21 case studies illustrate transdisciplinary, problem-driven research Will appeal to those who initiate, steer or evaluate research Ties together science and policy


Foreword.-Acknowledgements.-List of Contributors.-Introduction: Idea of the Handbook-The Emergence of Transdisciplinarity as a Form of Research.-Problem Identification and Problem Structuring: From Local Projects in the Alps to Global Change Programmes in the Mountains of the World: Milestones in Transdisciplinary Research.-Sustainable River Basin Management in Kenya: Balancing Needs and Requirements.-Designing the Urban: Linking Physiology and Morphology.-CITY:mobil: A Model for Integration in Sustainability Research.-Shepherds, Sheep and Forest Fires: A Reconception of Grazingland Management.-Fischnetz: Involving Anglers, Authorities, Scientists and the Chemical Industry to Understand Declining Fish Yields.-Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies: Bridging Gaps through Constructive Technology Assessment.-Chimeras and other Human-animal Mixtures in Relation to the Swiss Constitution: A Case for Regulatory Action.-Problem Analysis: The Development of Multilateral Environmental Agreements on Toxic Chemicals: Integrating the Work of Scientists and Policy Makers.-Climate Protection vs. Economic Growth as a False Trade off: Restructuring Global Warming Mitigation.-Policy Analysis and Design in Local Public Management: A System Dynamics Approach.-Constructing Regional Development Strategies: A Case Study Approach for Integrated Planning and Synthesis.-Evaluating Landscape Governance: A Tool for Legal-Ecological Assessments.-Children and Divorce: Investigating Current Legal Practices and their Impact on Family Transitions.-Bringing Results to Fruition: Towards Integrated and Adapted Health Services for Nomadic Pastoralists and their Animals: A North-South Partnership.-Sustainable Prevention of Water Associated Infection Risks: An Awareness Campaign Using Visual Media.-Behavioural Sciences in the Health Field: Integrating Natural and Social Sciences.-Sustainable Coexistence of Ungulates and Trees: A Stakeholder Platform for Resource Use Negotiations.-Retrofitting Postwar Suburbs: A Collaborative Design Process.-Cross-cutting Issues: Participation.-Values and Uncertainties.-Learning from Case Studies.-Management. Education.-Integration.-Summary and Outlook:Core Terms in Transdisciplinary Research.-Enhancing Transdisciplinary Research: A Synthesis in Fifteen Propositions.-Index.

ISBN 1-402066-98-8, ISBN 1-40-206698-8, ISBN 1-40206-698-8, ISBN 1-402-06698-8, ISBN 1-4020-6698-8

ISBN 978-1-402066-98-6, ISBN 978-1-40-206698-6, ISBN 978-1-40206-698-6, ISBN 978-1-402-06698-6, ISBN 978-1-4020-6698-6

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