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Kharton, Vladislav V. (Herausgeber)

Handbook of Solid State Electrochemistry 2 Volume 2: Electrodes, Interfaces and Ceramic Membranes (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Wiley VCH Verlag GmbH, April 2011

555 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 246x179x32 mm

ISBN: 3527326383 EAN: 9783527326389

The ideal addition to the companion volume on fundamentals, methodologies, and applications, this second volume combines fundamental information with an overview of the role of ceramic membranes, electrodes and interfaces in this important, interdisciplinary and rapidly developing field. Written primarily for specialists working in solid state electrochemistry, this first comprehensive handbook on the topic focuses on the most important developments over the last decade, as well as the methodological and theoretical aspects and practical applications. This makes the contents equally of interest to material, physical and industrial scientists, and to physicists. Also available as a two-volume set.

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Preface IONIC MEMORY TECHNOLOGY Introduction Ionic Memory Switching Mechanisms Materials for Ionic Memories Electrical Characteristics of Ionic Memories Architectures for Ionic Memories Challenges of Ionic Memories Applications of Ionic Memories Summary COMPOSITE SOLID ELECTROLYTES Introduction Interface Interactions and Defect Equilibria in Composite Electrolytes Nanocomposite Solid Electrolytes: Grain Size Effects Ionic Transport Other Properties Computer Simulations Design of the Composite Solid Electrolytes: General Approaches and Perspectives Composite Materials Operating at Elevated Temperatures Conclusions ADVANCES IN THE THEOETICAL DESCRIPTION OF SOLID-ELECTROLYTE SOLUTION INTERFACES Introduction Theoretical Approaches Computer Simulations DYNAMICAL INSTABILITIES IN ELECTROCHEMICAL PROCESSES Introduction Origin and Classification of Dynamical Instabilities in Electrochemical Systems Methodology Dynamics Control of Dynamics Toward Applications Summary and Outlook FUEL CELLS: ADVANCES AND CHALLENGES Introduction Alkaline and Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cells Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells and Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Emerging Fuel Cells Applications of Fuel Cells Final Remarks ELECTRODES FOR HIGH-TEMPERATURE ELECTROCHEMICAL CELLS: NOVEL MATERIALS AND RECENT TRENDS Introduction General Comments Novel Cathode Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Selected Trends and Compositions Oxide and Cermet SOFC Anodes: Relevant Trends Other Fuel Cell Concepts: Single-Chamber, Micro-, and Symmetrical SOFCs Alternative Fuels: Direct Hydrocarbon and Direct Carbon SOFCs Electrode Materials for High-Temperature Fuel Cells with Proton-Conducting Electrolytes Electrolyzers, Reactors, and Other Applications Based on Oxygen Ion- and Proton-Conducting Solid Electrolytes Concluding Remarks ADVANCES IN FABRICATION, CHARACTERIZATION, TESTING, AND DIAGNOSIS OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE ELECTRODES FOR PEM FUEL CELLS Introduction Advanced Fabrication Methods for High-Performance Electrodes Characterization of PEM Fuel Cell Electrodes Testing and Diagnosis of PEM Fuel Cell Electrodes Final Comments NANOSTRUCTURED ELECTRODES FOR LITHIUM ION BATTERIES Introduction Positive Electrodes: Nanoparticles, Nanoarchitectures, and Coatings Negative Electrodes Concluding Remarks MATERIALS SCIENCE ASPECTS RELEVANT FOR HIGH-TEMPERATURE ELECTROCHEMISTRY Introduction Powder Preparation, Forming Processes, and Sintering Phenomena Cation Diffusion Thermomechanical Stability Thermodynamic Stability of Materials OXYGEN- AND HYDROGEN-PERMEABLE DENSE CERAMIC MEMBRANES Introduction Structure of Membrane Materials Synthesis and Permeation Experimental Methods Gas Permeation Models Characteristics of Oxygen-Permeable Membranes Characteristics of Hydrogen-Permeable Membranes Applications of Membranes Summary and Conclusions INTERFACIAL PHENOMENA IN MIXED CONDUCTING MEMBRANES: SURFACE OXYGEN EXCHANGE- AND MICROSTRUCTURE-RELATED FACTORS Introduction Surface Exchange Microstructural Effects in Mixed Conducting Membranes Thermodynamic and Kinetic Stability

Über den Autor

Vladislav Kharton is a principal investigator at the Department of Ceramics and Glass Engineering, University of Aveiro (Portugal). Having received his doctoral degree in physical chemistry from the Belarus State University in 1993, he has published over 280 scientific papers in international SCI journals, including 10 reviews, and coauthored over 40 papers in other refereed journals and volumes, 3 books and 2 patents. He is a topical editor of the Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, regional editor of Recent Patents on Material Science, and member of the editorial boards of Materials Letters, The Open Condensed Matter Physics Journal, and Processing and Application of Ceramics. In 2004, he received the Portuguese Science Foundation prize for Scientific Excellence.

ISBN 3-527-32638-3

ISBN 978-3-527-32638-9

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