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Cafaro, Massimo (Herausgeber); Aloisio, Giovanni (Herausgeber)

Grids, Clouds and Virtualization (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Computer Communications and Networks

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer London, Dezember 2010

235 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 242x167x25 mm

ISBN: 0857290487 EAN: 9780857290489

Research into grid computing has been driven by the need to solve large-scale, increasingly complex problems for scientific applications. Yet the applications of grid computing for business and casual users did not begin to emerge until the development of the concept of cloud computing, fueled by advances in virtualization techniques, coupled with the increased availability of ever-greater Internet bandwidth. The appeal of this new paradigm is mainly based on its simplicity, and the affordable price for seamless access to both computational and storage resources. This timely text/reference introduces the fundamental principles and techniques underlying grids, clouds and virtualization technologies, as well as reviewing the latest research and expected future developments in the field. Readers are guided through the key topics by internationally recognized experts, enabling them to develop their understanding of an area likely to play an ever more significant role in coming years. Topics and features: presents contributions from an international selection of experts in the field; provides a thorough introduction and overview of existing technologies in grids, clouds and virtualization, including a brief history of the field; examines the basic requirements for performance isolation of virtual machines on multi-core servers, analyzing a selection of system virtualization technologies; examines both business and scientific applications of grids and clouds, including their use in the life sciences and for high-performance computing; explores cloud building technologies, architectures for enhancing grid infrastructures with cloud computing, and cloud performance; discusses energy aware grids and clouds, workflows on grids and clouds, and cloud and grid programming models. This useful text will enable interested readers to familiarize themselves with the key topics of grids, clouds and virtualization, and to contribute to new advances in the field. Researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, system designers and programmers, and IT policy makers will all benefit from the material covered.

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Provides a thorough introduction and overview of existing technologies in grids, clouds and virtualization, including a brief history of the field Examines both business and scientific applications of grids and clouds Presents contributions from an international selection of experts in the field


Grids, Clouds, and Virtualization Massimo Cafaro and Giovanni AloisioQuality of Service for I/O Workloads in Multicore Virtualized Servers J. Lakshmi, and S.K. NandyArchitectures for Enhancing Grid Infrastructures with Cloud Computing Eduardo Huedo, Rafael Moreno-Vozmediano, Rubén S. Montero, and Ignacio M. LlorenteScientific Workflows in the Cloud Gideon Juve, and Ewa DeelmanAuspice: Automatic Service Planning in Cloud/Grid Environments David Chiu, and Gagan AgrawalParameter Sweep Job Submission to Clouds P. Kacsuk, A. Marosi, M. Kozlovszky, and S. Ács, Z. FarkasEnergy Aware Clouds Anne-Cécile Orgerie, Marcos Dias de Assunção, and Laurent LefèvreJungle Computing: Distributed Supercomputing beyond Clusters, Grids, and Clouds Frank J. Seinstra, Jason Maassen, Rob V. van Nieuwpoort, Niels Drost, Timo van Kessel, Ben van Werkhoven, Jacopo Urbani, Ceriel Jacobs, Thilo Kielmann, and Henri E. BalApplication-Level Interoperability Across Grids and Clouds Shantenu Jha, Andre Luckow, AndreMerzky, Miklos Erdely, and Saurabh Sehgal


From the reviews: "The goal of this book is to be both an introduction and a technical reference to the very current topics of grids, clouds, and virtualization. ... The editors of the book, Cafaro and Aloisio, start with a brief introduction, definitions, history, and best-known examples of current technology. ... The systems described use academic, commercial, and privately owned resources. ... Overall, this book is a good technical reference for the current state of the art and various issues of the topics presented." (Veronica Lagrange, ACM Computing Reviews, February, 2011) "Grids, Clouds and Virtualization is a collection of nine papers that contribute to understanding an assortment of topics related to this area. The papers are well organized and sequenced in the book, from the most basic and definitional papers through the more advanced and specialized. Because each paper stands on its own, readers of all levels can pick and choose the topics that they have the background to understand and explore. ... Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates through researchers/faculty, professionals/practitioners, and general readers." (F. H. Wild III, Choice, Vol. 48 (8), April, 2011)

ISBN 0-857290-48-7, ISBN 0-85-729048-7, ISBN 0-85729-048-7, ISBN 0-857-29048-7, ISBN 0-8572-9048-7

ISBN 978-0-857290-48-9, ISBN 978-0-85-729048-9, ISBN 978-0-85729-048-9, ISBN 978-0-857-29048-9, ISBN 978-0-8572-9048-9

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