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Craig, Jim; Yaeger, Don

Gold Medal Strategies: Business Lessons from America's Miracle Team (Gebundene Ausgabe)

JOHN WILEY & SONS INC, Wiley, John, & Sons, Inc, April 2011

218 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 237x161x27 mm

ISBN: 0470928069 EAN: 9780470928066

Business lessons from one of the greatest Olympic teams of all time It's been called the greatest upset of all time, the most memorable Olympic moment ever, the "Miracle on Ice." No matter which superlative is used, no one can deny that the U.S. men's hockey team's defeat of the Soviet Union in the medal round of the Lake Placid Olympic Games was a defining moment for Cold War America. The U.S. team's goalie was a Boston University student named Jim Craig, who is now a leadership expert and keynote speaker to business audiences. Gold Medal Strategies gives you Craig's unique lessons from the "Miracle" team on team dynamics, leadership, motivation, and other important management topics. With his unparalleled perspective, Craig dissects and analyzes the elements of a successful team, how to assemble one, and what philosophies will keep the team's shared goal a reality. This book outlines the necessary skills and details the specific techniques you need to maximize your business readiness, hone competitive cooperation, gather your strategies, and attack your challengers.

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FOREWORD JON "JACK" LUTHER. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. INTRODUCTION. Chapter 1 Great Teams Think of Themselves as Winning Underdogs. Chapter 2 Great Teams Have a Shared Dream. Chapter 3 Great Teams Make Personal Sacrifices. Chapter 4 Great Teams Hold Themselves and Others Accountable. Chapter 5 Great Teams Are the Product of Picking the Right Players. Chapter 6 Great Teams Have a Real or Invented Enemy. Chapter 7 Great Teams Stay Young in Spirit and Outlook. Chapter 8 Great Teams Manage Through Ego and Conflict. Chapter 9 Victory--The One and Only End Game. INDEX.

Über den Autor

JIM CRAIG, the celebrated goalie on the 1980 U.S. Olympic men's hockey team, stopped thirty-nine of forty-two Russian shots on goal, leading the U.S. to a 4-3 win against the heavily favored Soviets. Following his retirement from hockey, he pursued an award-winning sales and marketing career that included taking an operating unit with $300,000 in annual sales to $50 million. He is founder and President of Gold Medal Strategies, a Boston area-based promotions and marketing firm. Learn more at www.goldmedalstrategies.com. DON YAEGER is a former Sports Illustrated editor and coauthor of four sports-related New York Times bestsellers. He is also a frequent motivational speaker on lessons he's learned from sports legends like Walter Payton and John Wooden. He is a frequent contributor to several nationally syndicated sports programs, including Fox News and ESPN. Learn more at www.donyaeger.com.

ISBN 0-470928-06-9, ISBN 0-47-092806-9, ISBN 0-47092-806-9, ISBN 0-470-92806-9, ISBN 0-4709-2806-9

ISBN 978-0-470928-06-6, ISBN 978-0-47-092806-6, ISBN 978-0-47092-806-6, ISBN 978-0-470-92806-6, ISBN 978-0-4709-2806-6

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