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Yoshimoto, Atsushi (Herausgeber); Yukutake, Kiyoshi (Herausgeber)

Global Concerns for Forest Resource Utilization Sustainable Use and Management (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Springer Netherlands, Springer Netherland, Dezember 2010

1999 - 388 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 245x169x27 mm Previously published in hardcover

ISBN: 9048153204 EAN: 9789048153206

This book is a collection of papers presented at the international symposium on forest sector analysis held in Miyazaki, Japan, in 1998. It is structured with three themes: understanding global forest sector issues, discussing the contribution of modeling efforts to forest sector analysis, and discussing the role of Japanese forest policy in a global sense. The most important features are the case studies using various types of forest sector models. From a modeling perspective, changes in modeling efforts include more detail of spatial and multiple market levels, intergenerational welfare concerns, non-market valuation issues, and explicit treatment of the uncertainty inherent in both the policy process and in the biophysical systems. The reader of this book will benefit not only from presentation of forest utilization issues in different nations, but also from the interrelatedness of the theory and application of forest sector modeling.

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Contributors. Acknowledgements. Preface. Part 1: Understanding Global Forest Sector Issue. Global Forest Products and Forest Products Trade; R.M. Martin. Challenges for China's Forest Resource Management and Utilization in the 21st Century; W.D. Lu, et al. Selling Clean Air; M. Rojas. Sustainable Forestry; B. Wilson, S. Wang. Chilean Forestry; G. Paredes V. The Development Strategies of Forest Resource and Forest Industries in Korea; B.I. Yoo. Socio-Economic Importance of Eucalyptus Plantations in Morocco; A. Khattabi. Cameroons' Logging Industry; R.E. Atyi. The Economic and Environmental Impacts of Biofuel Taxes on Heating Plants in Sweden; R. Brännlund, et al. End User or End User Oriented Timber Supply in A Mechanized Northern Coniferous Wood Chain; J. Sondell. Employment Impact Multipliers and the Economic Role of Timber in the Small Forest Communities of Southeast Alaska; G. Robertson. Emerging Human Values of Forest Resources; T.E. Howard, et al. Part 2: Contribution of Modeling Efforts to Forest Sector Analysis. Forest Sector Modeling; D.M. Adams, R.W. Haynes. Modeling the Global and Asia-Pacific Forest Sectors; J. Buongiorno, et al. Japanese Forest Sector Modeling; A. Yoshimoto, et al. Modeling the North American Demand for Solid Wood Products with an Emphasis on Canada; S. Phelps. A Model for the Siberian Timber Products Market; M. Obersteiner. An Economic and Environmental Assessment of Asian Forest Sectors; J. Perez-Garcia, et al. The Economics of Carbon Emission and Sequestration in the Forestry Sector of Peninsular Malaysia; I. Ahmad, J. Perez-Garcia. Biofuels and the Forest Sector; M. Ankarhem, et al. Have Forest Sector Models Changed Forest Policy in the United States; R.W. Haynes, D.M. Adams. Impacts of South-East Asian Log Export Ban Policies on Japanese Plywood Market; S. Tachibana, S. Nagata. Modelling Japanese Import Demand for European Construction Lumber; H. Nilsagård. The Joint Production of Timber and Environmental Values; B. Lippke, et al. Paper Recycling; S. Byström, L. Lönnstedt. Part 3: Role of Japanese Forest Policy in a Global Context. Current States of Japanese Forestry and Timber Trade; K. Yukutake, A. Yoshimoto. Japan's Wood Products Import and Forest Sector; T. Kato. Change in Lumber Market and Behaviors of Lumber Producers in Japan; J. Iwamoto. The Forest Planning System of Japan; H. Yamamoto.

ISBN 9-048153-20-4, ISBN 9-04-815320-4, ISBN 9-04815-320-4, ISBN 9-048-15320-4, ISBN 9-0481-5320-4

ISBN 978-9-048153-20-6, ISBN 978-9-04-815320-6, ISBN 978-9-04815-320-6, ISBN 978-9-048-15320-6, ISBN 978-9-0481-5320-6

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