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Marinescu, Dan C.

From Classical to Quantum Information Theory (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Academic Press

Elsevier LTD, Oxford, März 2011

684 S. - Sprache: Englisch - Approx. 140 illustrations (140 in full color) - 241x202x45 mm

ISBN: 0123838746 EAN: 9780123838742

Quantum Information Processing is an application of Quantum Information Science which covers the transformation, storage, and transmission of quantum information. This book covers topics in quantum computing, quantum information theory, and quantum error correction, three important areas of quantum information processing.

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Über den Autor

Dan C. Marinescu was a Professor of Computer Science at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana from 1984 till 2001 when he joined the Computer Science Department at the University of Central Florida. He has held visiting faculty positions at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York; Institute of Information Sciences, Beijing; Scalable Systems Division of Intel Corporation; Deutsche Telecom; and INRIA Rocquancourt in France. In 2012 he was a Fulbright Professor at UTFSM (Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria) in Valparaiso, Chile. His research interests cover parallel and distributed systems, cloud computing, scientific computing, and quantum computing and quantum information theory. He has published more than 220 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings in these areas and authored three books. In 2007 he delivered the Boole Lecture at University College Cork, the school where George Boole taught from 1849 till his death in 1864. Dan Marinescu was the principal investigator of several grants from the National Science Foundation. In 2008 he was awarded a Earnest T.S. Walton fellowship from the Science Foundation of Ireland.


"At the intersection of physics, mathematics, and computer science, explain the authors in the preface, the discipline of quantum information science has emerged during the last two decades. The discipline has developed as a response to the limitations and challenges of information processing, which include "[h]eat dissipation, leakage, and other physical phenomena [that] limit our ability to build increasingly faster and, implicitly, increasingly smaller solid-state devices..." They continue: "Quantum information is information encoded to some property of quantum particles and obeys the laws of quantum mechanics." With this book, graduate students and researchers are presented with coverage of three areas: quantum computing, quantum information theory, and quantum error correction. Dan C. Marinescu (computer science, U. of Central Florida) and Gabriela M. Marinescu (affiliation not stated) have co-written many books and articles on the subject."--Book News, Reference & Research

ISBN 0-123838-74-6, ISBN 0-12-383874-6, ISBN 0-12383-874-6, ISBN 0-123-83874-6, ISBN 0-1238-3874-6

ISBN 978-0-123838-74-2, ISBN 978-0-12-383874-2, ISBN 978-0-12383-874-2, ISBN 978-0-123-83874-2, ISBN 978-0-1238-3874-2

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