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Schwarzenbach, René (Herausgeber); Rentsch, Christian (Herausgeber); Lanz, Klaus (Herausgeber); Müller, Lars (Herausgeber)

For Climate's Sake! Who's in Charge of the Future? (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Lars Müller Publishers, Müller, Lars, Februar 2012

575 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 300 illustrations - 246x169x53 mm

ISBN: 3037782455 EAN: 9783037782453

For Climate's Sake! sets itself the goal of conveying the knowledge revealed by current climate research in a manner that is both concise and appealing. It differs from other books on climate change principally in the way it is conceived as a visual reader that deliberately uses the effectiveness and power of the image to present the theme in a graphic way. Extensive series of images with large photographs and informative diagrams accompany well-researched essays on and around the themes of climate history, research and policy and thus offer an in-depth examination. The book provides insights into the history of the earth's climate and reveals the factors that are responsible for climate change. It poses questions and provides answers: why is the earth becoming warmer? What are the consequences we must reckon with? What can we do against this? Who determines the future? As both a volume of illustrations and a reader For Climate's Sake! Is directed at all those who want to equip themselves with knowledge and understanding to confront what is probably our planet's most pressing problem.

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Climate History Between Fireball and Ice Desert Climate System Why the World is Getting Warmer Climate Consequences Risks and "Residual Risks" Pathways into the Future Reality and Vision Global Climate Politics Between Power and Powerlessness

Über den Autor

René Schwarzenbach is Dean of the Department of Environmental Sciences at the ETH Zürich. Christian Rentsch is a journalist. Klaus Lanz is a journalist and environmental researcher.

ISBN 3-03778-245-5

ISBN 978-3-03778-245-3

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