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Rivier, N. (Herausgeber); Sadoc, J. F. (Herausgeber)

Foams and Emulsions (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Springer Netherlands, Springer Netherland, Dezember 2010

Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 1999. - 612 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 236x156x37 mm Previously published in hardcover

ISBN: 9048151805 EAN: 9789048151806

A general and introductory survey of foams, emulsions and cellular materials. Foams and emulsions are illustrations of some fundamental concepts in statistical thermodynamics, rheology, elasticity and the physics and chemistry of divided media and interfaces. They also give rise to some of the most beautiful geometrical shapes and tilings, ordered or disordered. The chapters are grouped into sections having fairly loose boundaries. Each chapter is intelligible alone, but cross referencing means that the few concepts that may not be familiar to the reader can be found in other chapters in the book. Audience: Research students, researchers and teachers in physics, physical chemistry, materials science, mechanical engineering and geometry.

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Foreword. I. Surface energy and surface rheology: Relation to foam properties; D. Langevin. II. Foams and emulsions: Their stability and breakdown by solid particles and liquid droplets. The colloid chemistry of a dog's breakfast; R. Aveyard, et al. III. An introduction to forces and structure in individual foam and emulsion films; V. Bergeron. IV. Structure of foam films containing additional polyelectrolytes; R. von Klitzing, et al. V. Drainage of foam films; R. Tsekov. VI. Foam evolution in two dimensions. A particular limit of domain growth; J. Stavans. VII. Statistical thermodynamics of foam; N. Rivier. VIII. Polygonal networks resulting from dewetting; U. Thiele et al. IX. Two-dimensional magnetic liquid froth; F. Elias, et al. X. Cellular structures in metallurgy; Y.J.M. Bréchet, D. Weygand. XI. The compression of closed-cell polymer foams; N.J. Mills, H.X. Zhu. XII. Hard cellular materials in the human body: Properties and productions of foamed polymers for bone replacement; C.S. Pereira, et al. XIII. Rheology and glassy dynamics of foams; M.E. Cates, P. Sollich. XIV. Surfactants and stress conditions at fluid interfaces; K.J. Stebe, C.D. Eggleton. XV. Foam micromechanics. Structure and rheology of foams, emulsions, and cellular solids; A.M. Kraynik, et al. XVI. The structure and geometry of foams; D. Weaire, et al. XVII. Rheology and drainage of liquid foams; G. Verbist, et al. XVIII. Electrical and thermal transport in foams; R. Phelan, et al. XIX. Decontamination of nuclear components through the use of foams; G. Boissonnet, et al. XX. Foams in porous media; W.R. Rossen. XXI. Application of the Voronoi tessellations to the study of flow of granular materials; J. Lemaitre, et al. XXII. Determination of real three-dimensional foam structure using optical tomography; C. Monnereau, M. Vignes-Adler. XXIII. The geometry of bubbles and foams; J.M. Sullivan. XXIV. Crystal structures as periodic foams and vice versa; M. O'Keeffe. XXV. Inverse micellar lyotropic cubic phases; J. Seddon, J. Robins. XXVI. Sponges; S.T. Hyde. XXVII. Deformations of periodic minimal surfaces; C. Oguey. XXVIII. Aperiodic hierarchical tillings; C. Goodman-Strauss. XXIX. The shell map. The structure of froths through a dynamical map; T. Aste. XXX. Curved spaces and geometrical frustration; J.-F. Sadoc. XXXI. Computer simulations and tessellations of granular materials; L. Oger, et al. XXXII. Study of experimental and simulated evolutions of 2D foams; V. Parfait-Pignol et al. XXXIII. Simulation of the foaming process; N. Pittet. XXXIV. Voronoï tessellation in model glass systems; R. Julien, et al. Index.

ISBN 9-048151-80-5, ISBN 9-04-815180-5, ISBN 9-04815-180-5, ISBN 9-048-15180-5, ISBN 9-0481-5180-5

ISBN 978-9-048151-80-6, ISBN 978-9-04-815180-6, ISBN 978-9-04815-180-6, ISBN 978-9-048-15180-6, ISBN 978-9-0481-5180-6

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