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Tutin, T. G. (Herausgeber); Burges, N. A. (Herausgeber); Chater, A. O. (Herausgeber)

Flora Europaea 5 Volume Paperback Set (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Flora Europaea

Cambridge University Press, Juni 2010

2 Revised edition - 630 S. - Sprache: Englisch - Worked examples or Exercises - 299x215x40 mm

ISBN: 0521153662 EAN: 9780521153669

Originally published between 1964 and 1980, with a second edition of Volume One appearing in 1993, this is the definitive account of the flowering plants, ferns and fern-allies of Europe, covering all plants growing in the wild or wildly cultivated.

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The Flora Europaea organisation; List of contributors; Preface; Preface to the first edition; Acknowledgements; Acknowledgements to the first edition; Introduction; List of standard floras; Synopsis of families in volume 1; Keys to major taxa; Explanatory notes to the text; Text; Appendices; Index; Maps.


Review of the hardback: ' ... a work of lucid scholarship ...' The Times Review of the hardback: 'The book is a model of concise writing. It gives the latest information about the taxonomy of most European vascular plants. It will be used extensively by botanists, professional and amateur, in many parts of the world.' Science Review of the hardback: 'The first volume of Flora Europaea is a splendid example of international teamwork under the technical guidance of an effectively organised national group. This plan has proved to be efficient and satisfactory. The wise self-restraint of the editors in putting their goals within humanly reachable distance, and in frankly stating the limitations of the undertaking, have resulted for the first time in the production of an extremely useful European Flora.' Taxon (Netherland) Review of the hardback: 'The production of a second edition of the first volume of Flora Europaea is a landmark. The book was first published 29 years ago, and proved a valuable spur to further research. Inevitably the quality of the individual systematic accounts were variable, but the new edition is a great step forward. Many of the accounts have been revised to a high standard by one author, John Akeroyd, and 350 new taxa have been included, hundreds new to science (20 taxa have been deleted). Martin Ingrouille, Nature

ISBN 0-521153-66-2, ISBN 0-52-115366-2, ISBN 0-52115-366-2, ISBN 0-521-15366-2, ISBN 0-5211-5366-2

ISBN 978-0-521153-66-9, ISBN 978-0-52-115366-9, ISBN 978-0-52115-366-9, ISBN 978-0-521-15366-9, ISBN 978-0-5211-5366-9

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