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Koch, Richard

FT Guide to Strategy How to create, pursue and deliver a winning strategy (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: The FT Guides

Pearson Education Limited, Mai 2011

4 New edition - 396 S. - Sprache: Englisch - illustrations - 232x156x24 mm

ISBN: 0273745476 EAN: 9780273745471

YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO STRATEGY. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.The FT Guide to Strategy is your unbeatable reference on strategy. It offers an incisive overview of both corporate level and business unit level strategy, an A to Z of the world's leading strategic thinkers and introduces the key strategic tools and techniques you need to develop your own strategy. In one engaging read itleads you through each critical step in creating, delivering and understanding successful strategy. This is the smartest and most readable strategy guide available anywhere.

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Table of Contents Foreword Preface to the fourth edition INTRODUCTION 1. The use and abuse of strategy 2. A brief history of strategy 3. Swings in strategic thinking: seven phases 4. Towards a synthesis 5. From quick and dirty strategy to nearly perfect strategy PART ONE: BUSINESS UNIT STRATEGY A do-it-yourself guide 1. Overview 2. What businesses are you in? 3. Where do you make the money? 4. How good are your competitive positions? 5. What skills and capabilities underpin your success? 6. Is this a good industry to be in? 7. What do the customers think? 8. What about the competitors? 9. How do you raise profits quickly? 10. How do you build long term value? 11. Conclusion 12. Addition note on the theory of Business Unit Strategy PART TWO: CORPORATE STRATEGY 1.The joy of Corporate Strategy 2. An ecological view of Corporate Strategy 3. Five dimensions of Corporate Strategy 4. The strange power of the 35 word strategy 4. Conclusion PART THREE: STRATEGIC THINKERS PART FOUR: STRATEGIC CONCEPTS, TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES

Über den Autor

Richard Koch is the author of 15 highly acclaimed books, including the best-selling 80/20 trilogy --- The 80/20 Principle (over 700,000 copies sold), The 80/20 Individual, and most recently Living the 80/20 Way. As well as lecturing and broadcasting, he is an extremely successful entrepreneur and investor. His ventures have included Filofax, Belgo, Plymouth Gin, Capstone, and Betfair, the world's largest betting exchange. He was educated at the University of Pennsylvania and at Oxford University. His investment successes have propelled him well into The Sunday Times Rich List.

ISBN 0-273745-47-6, ISBN 0-27-374547-6, ISBN 0-27374-547-6, ISBN 0-273-74547-6, ISBN 0-2737-4547-6

ISBN 978-0-273745-47-1, ISBN 978-0-27-374547-1, ISBN 978-0-27374-547-1, ISBN 978-0-273-74547-1, ISBN 978-0-2737-4547-1

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