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Singer, Peter

Expanding Circle (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Princeton University Press, April 2011

Sprache: Englisch - 211x139x23 mm

ISBN: 0691150699 EAN: 9780691150697

What is ethics? Where do moral standards come from? Are they based on emotions, reason, or some innate sense of right and wrong? For many scientists, the key lies entirely in biology--especially in Darwinian theories of evolution and self-preservation. But if evolution is a struggle for survival, why are we still capable of altruism?In his classic study "The Expanding Circle," Peter Singer argues that altruism began as a genetically based drive to protect one's kin and community members but has developed into a consciously chosen ethic with an expanding circle of moral concern. Drawing on philosophy and evolutionary psychology, he demonstrates that human ethics cannot be explained by biology alone. Rather, it is our capacity for reasoning that makes moral progress possible. In a new afterword, Singer takes stock of his argument in light of recent research on the evolution of morality.

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Preface to the 2011 Edition xi Preface xv 1 The Origins of Altruism 3 2 The Biological Basis of Ethics 23 3 From Evolution to Ethics? 54 4 Reason 87 5 Reason and Genes 125 6 A New Understanding of Ethics 148 Notes on Sources 175 Afterword to the 2011 Edition 187 Index 205

Über den Autor

Peter Singer is the Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics in the University Center for Human Values at Princeton University and Laureate Professor at the University of Melbourne. His books include Animal Liberation, Practical Ethics, Rethinking Life and Death, One World, and, most recently, The Life You Can Save.


"Singer's theory of the expanding circle remains an enormously insightful concept, which reconciles the existence of human nature with political and moral progress. It was also way ahead of its time. . . . It's wonderful to see this insightful book made available to a new generation of readers and scholars."--Steven Pinker, author of The Blank Slate and The Stuff of Thought

ISBN 0-691150-69-9, ISBN 0-69-115069-9, ISBN 0-69115-069-9, ISBN 0-691-15069-9, ISBN 0-6911-5069-9

ISBN 978-0-691150-69-7, ISBN 978-0-69-115069-7, ISBN 978-0-69115-069-7, ISBN 978-0-691-15069-7, ISBN 978-0-6911-5069-7

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