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Schmid-Hempel, Paul

Evolutionary Parasitology The Integrated Study of Infections, Immunology, Ecology, and Genetics (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Oxford University Press, Februar 2011

516 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 140 illustrations - 246x189x32 mm

ISBN: 019922949X EAN: 9780199229499

Parasites are among the most serious threats for any organism. This book brings together the latest knowledge from different fields and traces the basic ecological and evolutionary principles behind the eternal and momentous struggle between hosts and their parasites, providing a synthesis of current understanding.

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Foreword; 1: Parasites and Humans; 2: The Study of Evolutionary Parasitology; 3: The Diversity and Natural History of Parasites; 4: The Natural History of Defences; 5: Ecological Immunology; 6: Parasites, Immunity, and Sexual Selection; 7: Specificity; 8: Parasite Immune Evasion and Manipulation of Host Phenotype; 9: Infection and Pathogenesis; 10: Host-Parasite Genetics; 11: Epidemiology; 12: Virulence; 13: Host-Parasite (Co-)Evolution; 14: Parasites and Host Ecology; Glossary; Immunological Acronyms; References; Index

Über den Autor

Paul Schmid-Hempel studied biology at the University of Zurich and in 1982 he received his PhD on the ecology of the Sahara Desert ant. He went on to do post-doctoral work at Oxford University (1982-1984) where he worked on an analysis of optimal strategies of animals. He then moved to the Zoological Institute of the University of Basel, where he was part of that group which set a new course for evolutionary ecology. In 1991 he was appointed professor for experimental ecology at the ETH Zurich, and is now Director of the Genetic Diversity Centre there. Since 2008 he has also been a non-resident Permanent Fellow of the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. His current research focuses on host-parasite interactions and co-evolution, maintenance of genetic diversity, recombination, social systems, immune defence strategies, and ecological immunology. He has published around 180 original articles, two books, and many articles in newspapers as part of his work in the public understanding of science.


... a wonderful and updated introduction to parasitology, full of fascinating examples and thought-provoking ideas. I think any current researcher in parasitology, or anyone with a slight interest in the field, would undoubtedly benefit from reading at least some of the various topics presented in this book. Alejandra G. Jaramillo, TREE

ISBN 0-199229-49-X, ISBN 0-19-922949-X, ISBN 0-19922-949-X, ISBN 0-199-22949-X, ISBN 0-1992-2949-X

ISBN 978-0-199229-49-9, ISBN 978-0-19-922949-9, ISBN 978-0-19922-949-9, ISBN 978-0-199-22949-9, ISBN 978-0-1992-2949-9

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