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Fraigniaud, P. (Herausgeber); Bouge, L. (Herausgeber); Robert, Y. (Herausgeber)

Euro-Par '96. Parallel Processing II Second International Euro-Par Conference, Lyon, France, August 26 - 29, 1996. Proceedings (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1124

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, August 1996

1996. 1996 - 926 S. - Sprache: Englisch - Bibliographie - 238x162x55 mm Book

ISBN: 3540616276 EAN: 9783540616276

This two-volume set presents the proceedings of the Second International European Conference on Parallel Processing, EuroPar '96, held in Lyon, France, in August 1996. EuroPar '96 was organized in 14 workshops covering the whole spectrum of parallel processing. The comprehensive proceedings constitute a unique record of the state of the art in parallel processing research and development: the 224 papers included together with four invited papers were selected from a total of 383 submissions by authors from 40 countries; 554 referees were involved in the selection process and the index lists 521 contributing authors.

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Optimization of the ScaLAPACK LU factorization routine using communication/computation overlap.- On experiments with a parallel direct solver for diagonally dominant banded linear systems.- The computation of partial eigensolutions on a distributed memory machine using a modified lanczos method.- The parallel computation of partial eigensolutions of large matrices on a massively parallel processor.- Preprocessing of sparse unassembled linear systems for efficient solution using element-by-element preconditioners.- Implementing the parallel quasi-Laguerre's algorithm for symmetric tridiagonal eigenproblems.- Comparing task and data parallel execution schemes for the DIIRK method.- Numerical turbulence simulation on different parallel computers using the sparse grid combination method.- Parallel Fourier-Motzkin elimination.- Comparison of three Monte Carlo methods for Matrix Inversion.- Parallel solution of the volume integral equation of electromagnetic scattering.- Optimization of parallel multilevel-Newton algorithms on workstation clusters.- A time and space parallel algorithm for the heat equation: The implicit collocation method.- Parallel image/video processing and computer arithmetic.- A high performance image database system for remotely sensed imagery.- An asynchronous parallel algorithm for symbolic grouping operations in vision.- A parallel pipelined Hough Transform.- High-performance SAR image formation and post-processing.- A parallel implementation of image coding using linear prediction and iterated function systems.- Parallel algorithms for using non-stationary MRA in image compression.- High radix cordic rotation based on selection by rounding.- On-line algorithms for computing exponentials and logarithms.- Parallel and on-line addition in negative base and some complex number systems.- A variable latency pipelined floating-point adder.- Basic linear algebra operations in SLI arithmetic.- CAM2: A highly-parallel 2D cellular automata architecture for real-time and palm-top pixel-level image processing.- A self-optimising coprocessor model for portable parallel image processing.- System-level memory management for weakly parallel image processing.- Multidimensional periodic scheduling model and complexity.- Global approach for compiled bit-true simulation of DSP systems.- Parallel implementation of RBF neural networks.- Selected results from the ParkBench Benchmark.- Exploiting symmetry in parallel computations for structural biology.- An object-oriented and parallel simulation of a power-plant.- A Planning System for Aircraft Production with parallel constraint logic programming.- Modelling and optimising flows using parallel spatial interaction models.- The queue-read queue-write asynchronous PRAM model.- ERCW PRAMs and optical communication.- Goodness of time-processor optimal PRAM simulations.- Simulations of PRAM on complete optical networks.- Adaptive parallelism in the Bulk-synchronous Parallel model.- Implementation issues relating to the WPRAM model for scalable computing.- The bulk-synchronous parallel random access machine.- The E-BSP model: Incorporating general locality and unbalanced communication into the BSP model.- Communication efficient data structures on the BSP model with applications in computational geometry.- Submachine locality in the bulk synchronous setting.- Algebraic laws for BSP programming.- Realistic parallel algorithms: Priority queue operations and selection for the BSP* Model.- Multilayer perceptron learning control.- Evaluating the hyperbolic model on a variety of architectures.- SPC: A model of parallel computation.- Systematic efficient parallelization of scan and other list homomorphisms.- Array structures and data-parallel algorithms.- Compile-time cost analysis for parallel programming.- HPP: A high performance PRAM.- Relaxing the inclusion property in cache only memory architecture.- Using proxies to reduce controller contention in large shared-memory multiprocessors.- A RISC approach to weak cache coherence.- 3D optoelectronic computer architectures for the conjugate gradient and multigrid benchmark algorithms.- MSparc: A multithreaded sparc.- A new concept for parallel neurocomputer architectures.- Transformation of a 2-D VLSI systolic adder circuit in 3-D circuits using optical interconnections.- Scalable software latency hiding schemes: Evaluation of the poststore and prefetch options.- Reducing coherence overhead in shared-bus multiprocessors.- An asymptotically optimal affine schedule on bounded convex polyhedric domains.- List scheduling in the presence of branches: A theoretical evaluation.- Iterative approach for the clustering problem.- Compile-time task scheduling for multi-phase programming.- Scheduling with unit processing and communication times on a ring network: Approximation results.- Efficient parallel algorithms for scheduling with tree precedence constraints.- Bulk synchronous parallel scheduling of uniform dags.- Generalized multiprocessor scheduling.- A static scheduling heuristic for heterogeneous processors.- On the cyclic scheduling problem with small communication delays.- A new scheduling method for parallel discrete-event simulation.- Minimum length scheduling of precedence constrained messages in distributed systems.- Optimization of parallel programs on machines with expensive communication.- Eager scheduling with lazy retry for dynamic task scheduling.- Load management for load balancing on heterogeneous platforms: A comparison of traditional and neural network based approaches.- Application-assisted dynamic scheduling on large-scale multi-computer systems.- Economic-based dynamic load distribution in large workstation networks.- Flexible scheduling for non-deterministic, and-parallel execution of logic programs.- A load balancing task allocation scheme in a hard real time system.- A library implementation of the nano-threads programming model.- Speedup and efficiency of large size applications on heterogeneous networks.- Dip: A parallel program development environment.- Accurate performance prediction for massively parallel systems and its applications.- Contention in the Cray T3D communication network.- Theory, practice, and a tool for BSP performance prediction.- Applying the Semi-markov Memory and Cache coherence Interference model to an updating based cache coherence protocol.- Analytical models of multithreading with data prefetching.- IDRA (ideal resource allocation): Computing ideal speedups in parallel logic programming.- Estimation of the throughput for some stochastic resources sharing systems.- Some closed form results for circuit switching in a hypercube network.- to ILP workshop.- Instruction fetching mechanisms for superscalar microprocessors.- Designing dynamic two-level branch predictors based on pattern locality.- Streaming prefetch.- Functionality distribution on a superscalar architecture.- Investigating the limits of fine-grained parallelism in a statically scheduled superscalar architecture.- On-chip multiprocessing.- Identifying bottlenecks in a multithreaded superscalar microprocessor.- Aggregate operation movement: A min-cut approach to global code motion.- Global instruction scheduling - a practical approach.- Génération de micro-code parallèle pour la carte coprocesseur Rapid-2.- RESIS: A new methodology for register optimization in software pipelining.- Optimal software pipelining through enumeration of schedules.- Triangular grid protocol: An efficient scheme for replica control with uniform access quorums.- Mapping a parallel complex-object DBMS to operating system processes.- A transaction model for multidatabase systems.- Multi-dimensional declustering methods for parallel database systems.- Modelling resource utilization in pipelined query execution.- On transforming a sequential SQL-DBMS into a parallel one: First results and experiences of the MIDAS project.- DPL graphs - A powerful representation of parallel relational query execution plans.- Blocker: A variable & multiattribute declustering for parallel database machines.- The PALLAS portable parallel programming environment.- An optimal parallel algorithm for Gaussian elimination.- Synthesis of massively pipelined algorithms for list manipulation.

ISBN 3-540-61627-6

ISBN 978-3-540-61627-6

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