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Fraigniaud, P. (Herausgeber); Bouge, L. (Herausgeber); Robert, Y. (Herausgeber)

Euro-Par '96. Parallel Processing I Second International Euro-Par Conference, Lyon, France, August 26 - 29, 1996. Proceedings (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1123

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, August 1996

1996. 1996 - 842 S. - Sprache: Englisch - Bibliographie - 236x157x38 mm Book

ISBN: 3540616268 EAN: 9783540616269

This two-volume set presents the proceedings of the Second International European Conference on Parallel Processing, EuroPar '96, held in Lyon, France, in August 1996. EuroPar '96 was organized in 14 workshops covering the whole spectrum of parallel processing. The comprehensive proceedings constitute a unique record of the state of the art in parallel processing research and development: the 224 papers included together with four invited papers were selected from a total of 383 submissions by authors from 40 countries; 554 referees were involved in the selection process and the index lists 521 contributing authors.

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High-performance distributed computing: The I-WAY experiment and beyond.- Design and implementation of a parallel architecture for biological sequence comparison.- Universal computing.- Dynamic load balancing in parallel database systems.- Distributed Array Query and Visualization for High Performance Fortran.- Annai scalable run-time support for interactive debugging and performance analysis of large-scale parallel programs.- On the implementation of a replay mechanism.- Concepts and functionalities of the DOSMOS-trace monitoring tool.- An open monitoring system for parallel and distributed programs.- Millipede: Easy parallel programming in available distributed environments.- An adaptive cost system for parallel program instrumentation.- SVMview: A performance tuning tool for DSM-based parallel computers.- Cautious, machine-independent performance tuning for shared-memory multiprocessors.- Dealing with heterogeneity in Stardust: An environment for parallel programming on networks of heterogeneous workstations.- An integrated environment to design parallel object-oriented applications.- MPI-2: Extending the message-passing interface.- Optimizing Sisal programs: A formal approach.- A refinement methodology for developing data-parallel applications.- Task parallelism: What a tool can provide and what should be left to the user.- Efficient block cyclic data redistribution.- Optimal grain size computation for pipelined algorithms.- Dynamic redistribution on heterogeneous parallel computers.- Supporting distributed sparse matrix objects.- Low-latency communication over Fast Ethernet.- A comparison of input and output driven routers.- Optimal topology for distributed shared-memory multiprocessors: Hypercubes again?.- A pattern-associative router for interconnection network adaptive algorithms.- On stack-graph OPS-based lightwave networks.- A general method for efficient embeddings of graphs into optimal hypercubes.- The size complexity of strictly non-blocking fixed ratio concentrators with constant depth.- Bandwidth and cutwidth of the mesh of d-ary trees.- Variable-dilation embeddings of hypercubes into star graphs: Performance metrics, mapping functions, and routing.- Overlapping communication and computation in hypercubes.- Efficient delay routing.- Multipacket hot-potato routing on processor arrays.- A necessary and sufficient condition for proper routing in omega-omega network.- Rubik routing permutations on graphs.- The effect of flow control and routing adaptivity on priority-driven traffic in multiprocessor networks.- Routing on networks of optical crossbars.- Latency and bandwidth requirements of massively parallel programs: FFT as a case study.- Induced broadcasting algorithms in iterated line digraphs.- Lower bounds on broadcasting time of de Bruijn networks.- Gossip in trees under line-communication mode.- Total exchange in Cayley networks.- Leaf communications in complete trees.- A gossip algorithm for bus networks with buses of limited length.- Worm-hole gossiping on meshes.- Circuit-switched gossiping in 3-dimensional torus networks.- Automatic parallelization and high performance compilers.- On the optimality of Allen and Kennedy's algorithm for parallelism extraction in nested loops.- Memory reuse analysis in the polyhedral model.- Cycle shrinking by dependence reduction.- A unified transformation technique for multilevel blocking.- Array dataflow analysis for explicitly parallel programs.- Semantic foundations of commutativity analysis.- Applications of Fuzzy Array Dataflow Analysis.- Simplifying communication induced by operations on block-distributed arrays.- Compiler reduction of invalidation traffic in virtual shared memory systems.- Partial dead code elimination for parallel programs.- Solving the constant-degree parallelism alignment problem.- Topographic data mapping by balanced hypersphere tessellation.- Implementing pipelined computation and communication in an HPF compiler.- Efficient mapping of interdependent scans.- Classifying loops for space-time mapping.- PACA: A cooperative file system cache for parallel machines.- A system for fault-tolerant execution of data and compute intensive programs over a network of workstations.- A framework for viewing atomic events in distributed computations.- Worker-based parallel computing on PVM.- An efficient distributed tuple space implementation for networks of workstations.- A highly available partition-processing protocol for distributed shared memory systems.- I/O data mapping in ParFiSys: Support for high-performance I/O in parallel and distributed systems.- Correctness proof for a distributed memory system.- Distributed Shared Memory based on Group Large Causality.- A framework for integrated communication and I/O placement.- Formal derivation of parallel program for 2-dimensional maximum segment sum problem.- The migrating tasks: An execution model for irregular codes.- Discussing HPF design issues.- Parallelizing conditional recurrences.- Adaptive data parallel computation in the parallel object-oriented language OCore.- The use of interpreted languages for implementing parallel algorithms on distributed systems.- Co-ordinating heterogeneous parallel computation.- Correctness of a distributed-memory model for scheme.- Partial evaluation scheme for concurrent languages and its correctness.- Support for implementation of evolutionary concurrent systems in concurrent programming languages.- Structured dagger: A coordination language for Message-Driven Programming.- TPascal - A language for task parallel programming.- OB(PN)2: An Object Based Petri Net Programming Notation (extended abstract).- Reusable coordinator modules for massively concurrent applications.- Introducing dynamicity in the data-parallel language 8 1/2.- Astro-Gofer: Parallel functional programming with co-ordinating processes.- Multiple OR-parallel resolution: Meta-level control of parallel logic programs.- High level parallel programming based on automatic coordination.- Eden - The paradise of functional concurrent programming.- A straightforward translation of D0L systems in the declarative data-parallel language 8 1/2.- Efficient parallel programming with algorithmic skeletons.- A loosely synchronized execution model for a simple data-parallel language (extended abstract).- A nonannotative approach to distributed data-parallel computing.- Petri net modelling of PARSE designs.- Synchronization expressed in types of communication channels.- Laws of data parallel assignment.- Proving progress properties of non terminating programs under fairness assumptions.- A simple parallel dictionary matching algorithm.- Scalability and granularity issues of the hierarchical radiosity method.- List ranking on interconnection networks.- Parallel algorithm for computing the fragment vector in steiner triple systems.- Representation of the gabow algorithm for finding smallest spanning trees with a degree constraint on associative parallel processors.- Runtime support for replicated parallel simulators of an ATM network on workstation clusters.- Shared-memory implementation of an irregular particle simulation method.- A parallel algorithm for the technology mapping of LUT-based FPGAs.- Distributed string matching algorithm on the N-cube.

ISBN 3-540-61626-8

ISBN 978-3-540-61626-9

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