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D'Ambra, Pasqua (Herausgeber); Guarracino, Mario (Herausgeber); Talia, Domenico (Herausgeber)

Euro-Par 2010 - Parallel Processing 16th International Euro-Par Conference, Ischia, Italy, August 31 - September 3, 2010, Proceedings, Part I (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6271

Springer-Verlag GmbH, September 2010

600 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 239x156x35 mm

ISBN: 3642152767 EAN: 9783642152764

Euro-Par is an annual series of international conferences dedicated to the p- motion and advancementof allaspects of parallelcomputing. The major themes can be divided into four broad categories: theory, high-performance, cluster and grid,distributedandmobilecomputing.Thesecategoriescomprise14topicsthat focus on particular issues. The objective of Euro-Paris to provide a forum within which to promote the development of parallel computing both as an industrial technique and an a- demic discipline, extending the frontier of both the state of the art and the state of practice. The main audience for and participants in Euro-Par are researchers inacademicdepartments,governmentlaboratories,andindustrialorganizations. Euro-Par2010 was the 16th conference in the Euro-Parseries, and was or- nizedbythe Institute forHigh-PerformanceComputingandNetworking(ICAR) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), in Ischia, Italy. Previous Euro- ParconferencestookplaceinStockholm,Lyon,Passau,Southampton,Toulouse, Munich, Manchester, Padderborn, Klagenfurt, Pisa, Lisbon, Dresden, Rennes, Las Palmas, and Delft. Next year the conference will take place in Bordeaux, France. More information on the Euro-Par conference series and organization is available on the wesite http://www.europar.org. As mentioned before, the conference was organized in 14 topics. The paper review process for each topic was managed and supervised by a committee of at least four persons: a Global Chair, a Local Chair, and two members. Some speci?c topics with a high number of submissions were managed by a larger committeewithmoremembers.The?naldecisionsontheacceptanceorrejection ofthesubmitted papersweremadein ameeting ofthe ConferenceCo-chairsand Local Chairs of the topics.

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Topic 1: Support Tools and Environments.- Distributed Systems and Algorithms.- Starsscheck: A Tool to Find Errors in Task-Based Parallel Programs.- Automated Tuning in Parallel Sorting on Multi-core Architectures.- Estimating and Exploiting Potential Parallelism by Source-Level Dependence Profiling.- Source-to-Source Optimization of CUDA C for GPU Accelerated Cardiac Cell Modeling.- Efficient Graph Partitioning Algorithms for Collaborative Grid Workflow Developer Environments.- Profile-Driven Selective Program Loading.- Characterizing the Impact of Using Spare-Cores on Application Performance.- Topic 2: Performance Prediction and Evaluation.- Performance Prediction and Evaluation.- A Model for Space-Correlated Failures in Large-Scale Distributed Systems.- Architecture Exploration for Efficient Data Transfer and Storage in Data-Parallel Applications.- jitSim: A Simulator for Predicting Scalability of Parallel Applications in Presence of OS Jitter.- pCFS vs. PVFS: Comparing a Highly-Available Symmetrical Parallel Cluster File System with an Asymmetrical Parallel File System.- Comparing Scalability Prediction Strategies on an SMP of CMPs.- Topic 3: Scheduling and Load-Balancing.- Scheduling and Load Balancing.- A Fast 5/2-Approximation Algorithm for Hierarchical Scheduling.- Non-clairvoyant Scheduling of Multiple Bag-of-Tasks Applications.- Extremal Optimization Approach Applied to Initial Mapping of Distributed Java Programs.- A Delay-Based Dynamic Load Balancing Method and Its Stability Analysis and Simulation.- Code Scheduling for Optimizing Parallelism and Data Locality.- Hierarchical Work-Stealing.- Optimum Diffusion for Load Balancing in Mesh Networks.- A Dynamic, Distributed, Hierarchical Load Balancing for HLA-Based Simulations on Large-Scale Environments.- Topic 4: High Performance Architectures and Compilers.- High Performance Architectures and Compilers.- Power-Efficient Spilling Techniques for Chip Multiprocessors.- Scalable Object-Aware Hardware Transactional Memory.- Efficient Address Mapping of Shared Cache for On-Chip Many-Core Architecture.- Thread Owned Block Cache: Managing Latency in Many-Core Architecture.- Extending the Cell SPE with Energy Efficient Branch Prediction.- Topic 5: Parallel and Distributed Data Management.- Parallel and Distributed Data Management.- Federated Enactment of Workflow Patterns.- A Distributed Approach to Detect Outliers in Very Large Data Sets.- Topic 6: Grid, Cluster and Cloud Computing.- Grid, Cluster and Cloud Computing.- Deployment of a Hierarchical Middleware.- Toward Real-Time, Many-Task Applications on Large Distributed Systems.- Scheduling Scientific Workflows to Meet Soft Deadlines in the Absence of Failure Models.- A GPGPU Transparent Virtualization Component for High Performance Computing Clouds.- What Is the Price of Simplicity?.- User-Centric, Heuristic Optimization of Service Composition in Clouds.- A Distributed Market Framework for Large-Scale Resource Sharing.- Using Network Information to Perform Meta-scheduling in Advance in Grids.- Topic 7: Peer to Peer Computing.- Peer-to-Peer Computing.- Overlay Management for Fully Distributed User-Based Collaborative Filtering.- Dynamic Publish/Subscribe to Meet Subscriber-Defined Delay and Bandwidth Constraints.- Combining Hilbert SFC and Bruijn Graphs for Searching Computing Markets in a P2P System.- Sampling Bias in BitTorrent Measurements.- A Formal Credit-Based Incentive Model for Sharing Computer Resources.- Topic 8: Distributed Systems and Algorithms.- Distributed Systems and Algorithms.- Improving Message Logging Protocols Scalability through Distributed Event Logging.- Value-Based Sequential Consistency for Set Objects in Dynamic Distributed Systems.- Robust Self-stabilizing Construction of Bounded Size Weight-Based Clusters.- Adaptive Conflict Unit Size for Distributed Optimistic Synchronization.- Frame Allocation Algorithms for Multi-threaded Network Cameras.- Scalable Distributed Simulation of Large Dense Crowds Using the Real-Time Framework (RTF).- The x-Wait-Freedom Progress Condition.

ISBN 3-642-15276-7

ISBN 978-3-642-15276-4

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