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Hummel, Rolf E.

Electronic Properties of Materials (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer US, Juni 2011

4th ed - 488 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 310 schwarz-weiße Abbildungen - 244x167x38 mm Book

ISBN: 1441981632 EAN: 9781441981639

This text on the electrical, optical, magnetic, and thermal properties of materials stresses concepts rather than mathematical formalism. Suitable for advanced undergraduates, it is intended for materials and electrical engineers who want to gain a fundamental understanding of alloys, semiconductor devices, lasers, magnetic materials, and so forth. The book is organized to be used in a one-semester course; to that end each section of applications, after the introduction to the fundamentals of electron theory, can be read independently of the others. Many examples from engineering practice serve to provide an understanding of common devices and methods. Among the modern applications covered are: high-temperature superconductors, optoelectronic materials, semiconductor device fabrication, xerography, magneto-optic memories, and amorphous ferromagnetics. The fourth edition has been revised and updated with an emphasis on the applications sections, which now cover devices of the next generation of electronics.

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Widely used, course-tested text is now available in an updated Fourth EditionIntroduces the elements of solid-state physics that are required to understand the coverage of electrical, optical, magnetic, and thermal properties of materials and their applicationsStresses concepts rather than mathematical formalismDescribes the materials basis of the next generation of electronic devicesDesigned for a single, 15-week semester courseSupplemental and more detailed information for graduate students is marked with an asteriskDivided into five independent modules to suit different course needsPresents many end-of-chapter problems with numerical solutions in an appendix


Part I: Fundamentals of Electron Theory: Introduction. Wave Properties of Electrons. The Schroedinger Equation. Solution of the Schroedinger Equation for Four Specific Problems. Energy Bands in Crystals. Electrons in a Crystal.- Part II: Electrical Properties of Materials: Electrical Conduction in Metals and Alloys. Semiconductors. Electrical Properties of Polymers, Ceramics, Dielectrics and Amorphous Materials.- Part III: Optical Properties of Materials: The Optical Constants. Atomistic Theory of the Optical Properties. Quantum Mechanical Treatment of the Optical Properties. Applications.- Part IV: Magnetic Properties of Materials: Foundations of Magnetism. Magnetic Phenomena and Their Interpretation - Classical Approach. Quantum Mechanical Considerations. Applications.- Part V: Thermal Properties of Materials: Introduction. Fundamentals of Thermal Properties. Heat Capacity. Thermal Conduction. Thermal Expansion.- Appendices.- Index.

Über den Autor

Rolf E. Hummel is a Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Florida, Gainesville, USA. He received his Ph.D (Dr. rer.nat.) in 1963 from the University of Stuttgart, Germany and the Max-Planck Institute for Materials Research, also in Stuttgart. He has been at the University of Florida since graduation, only interrupted by Sabbatical stays in Japan, Korea, China, New Zealand, France, Vietnam, Germany, and Colorado. His previous publications include Optical Properties of Metals and Alloys (1971), Electro-and Thermo-Transport in Metals and Alloys (ed.),(1977), the two-volume Handbook of Optical Properties (ed.), (1996), and Understanding Materials Science 2nd Ed. (2004). His books are widely appraised for their easy understandability.


From the reviews of the fourth edition:"This is an excellent book for materials and electrical engineers, as well as advanced students. This book is divided into five distinct and self-contained parts, which makes it easier for the reader to find information on a particular area of interest. ... contains many applications and problems that help to bridge the gap between physics and engineering. ... For practicing engineers, this would be a good reference book. It would also be useful for someone looking to gain an overall concept of device physics." (Ishtiaque Ahmed, Optics & Photonics News, April, 2012)

ISBN 1-441981-63-2, ISBN 1-44-198163-2, ISBN 1-44198-163-2, ISBN 1-441-98163-2, ISBN 1-4419-8163-2

ISBN 978-1-441981-63-9, ISBN 978-1-44-198163-9, ISBN 978-1-44198-163-9, ISBN 978-1-441-98163-9, ISBN 978-1-4419-8163-9

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