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Chaichian, Masud; Merches, Ioan; Radu, Daniel; Tureanu, Anca

Electrodynamics An Intensive Course (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Springer, November 2016

1st ed. 2016. - 688 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 244x172x43 mm Book

ISBN: 3642173802 EAN: 9783642173806

This book is devoted to the fundamentals of classical electrodynamics, one of the most beautiful and productive theories in physics. A general survey on the applicability of physical theories shows that only few theories can be compared to electrodynamics. Essentially, all electric and electronic devices used around the world are based on the theory of electromagnetism.It was Maxwell who created, for the first time, a unified description of the electric and magnetic phenomena in his electromagnetic field theory. Remarkably, Maxwell's theory contained in itself also the relativistic invariance of the special relativity, a fact which was discovered only a few decades later.The present book is an outcome of the authors' teaching experience over many years in different countries and for different students studying diverse fields of physics. The book is intended for students at the level of undergraduate and graduate studies in physics, astronomy, engineering, applied mathematics and for researchers working in related subjects.We hope that the reader will not only acquire knowledge, but will also grasp the beauty of theoretical physics. A set of about 130 solved and proposed problems shall help to attain this aim.

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Presents a comprehensive description of electromagnetic phenomena and applications of electrodynamics with no less than 130 problems and solutionsApplies an axiomatic approach, deriving the laws of electrodynamics from first principlesPresents the first textbook in electrodynamics based on the Bologna principles


Electrostatic Field.- Field of Stationary Currents.- Electromagnetic Field.- Electromagnetic Waves.- Elements of Magnetofluid Dynamics.- Special Relativity.- Minkowski Space.- Relativistic Formulation of? Electrodynamics in Minkowski Space.- General Theory of Relativity.- Appendix.

Über den Autor

Masud Chaichian: Editor journal EPJ C, very prominent scientist in high energy physics.Previous affiliations: Durham Univ, UK; Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK; Hamburg Univ, Germany;Weizmann Institute, Israel; CERN.Scientific interests: Quantum Field Theory, Noncommutative geometry, String theory,Higher-Dimensional TheoriesTeaching: Over 20 years experience in teaching Theories of Elementary Particle Physics, PathIntegrals, Theoretical physics261 publications in SPIRES.Address:High Energy Physics DivisionDepartment of Physical Sciences and Helsinki Institute of PhysicsPOB 64 (Gustaf H?llstr?min katu 2), FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland-------TWM market research - Classical Electrodynamics: Market Size Estimate 22,200 per yearMarket Leaders 1) Griffiths 3/e, '99 (Prentice Hall) 13,300 60%2) Jackson 3/e, '99 (Wiley) 5,400 24%3) Purcell 2/e, '85 (McGraw-Hill) 1,000 5%--------Textbook features: problems with solutions, end of chapter summaries, worked examples, high level figures, boxed inserts, highlighted key math and explanations, appendix, index

ISBN 3-642-17380-2

ISBN 978-3-642-17380-6

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