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Cecil, L. Dewayne (Herausgeber); Green, Jaromy R. (Herausgeber); Thompson, Lonnie G. (Herausgeber)

Earth Paleoenvironments: Records Preserved in Mid- and Low-Latitude Glaciers (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Springer Netherlands, Springer Netherland, Oktober 2010

Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2004. - 288 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 240x159x20 mm Previously published in hardcover

ISBN: 9048165989 EAN: 9789048165988

Glaciers provide an unparalleled tool for studying global environmental change. This book is the first of its kind concentrating on the paleoenvironmental record archived in mid- and low-latitude glaciers. By concentrating mainly on the last 500 years of these records, we can now see that laws enacted to protect our environment in Europe and North America are providing positive results. Documenting global mid- and low-latitude paleoenvironmental records in glaciers, this volume forms a timely and essential complement to the wealth of literature on polar and Greenland ice sheet records. This text is directed towards undergraduate and graduate university audiences and forms an ideal supplement in courses dealing with climate and global environmental change, glaciology, and natural resources management. It is also suitable in helping teach application of innovative analytical and interpretive methods and would be an excellent example of the rapidly emerging discipline of "Forensic Earth Science".

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Leading research on documenting global climatic and environmental changes using mid-and low-latitude ice core records; historically, presently and in the future Useful 'how-to' methods section for current researchers and students Highlights the research done on polar ice cores, at high altitudes on glaciers ranging from China and Tibet to South American and Africa


Part I: Introduction And Methods1. High-Altitude, Mid and Low-Latitude Ice Core Records: Implications for our Future by L.G. Thompson 2. Methods of Mid- and Low-Latitude Glacial Record Collection, Analysis, and Interpretation by J.R. Green, L.D. Cecil and S.K. Frape Part II: The Climate And Environmental Change Record Over The Last 200 Years 3. The Influence of Post-Depositional Effects on Ice Core Studies: Examples from the Alps, Andes, and Altai by U. Schotterer, W. Stichler and P. Ginot 4. Event to Decadal-Scale Glaciochemical Variability on the Inilchek Glacier, Central Tien Shan by K. Kreutz, C.P. Wake, V.B. Aizen, L.D. Cecil, J.R. Green and H.A. Synal 5. Climatic Interpretation of the Gradient in Glaciochemical Signals Across the Crest of the Himalaya by C.P. Wake, P.A. Mayewski and S. Kang 6. Reconstruction of European Air Pollution from Alpine Ice Cores by M. Schwikowski 7. Glacier Research in Mainland Scandinavia by W.B. Whalley Part III: The Climate And Environmental Change Record Over The Last 200 - 500 Years 8. Four Centuries of Climatic Variation Across the Tibetan Plateau from Ice-Core Accumulation and d18O Records by M.E. Davis and L.G. Thompson 9. Climatic Changes over the Last 400 Years Recorded in Ice Collected from the Guliya Ice Cap, Tibetan Plateau by Y. Tandong and Y. Meixue 10. Evidence of Abrupt Climate Change and the Development of an Historic Mercury Deposition Record Using Chronological Refinement of Ice Cores at Upper Fremont Glacier by P.F. Schuster, D.L. Naftz, L.D. Cecil and J.R. Green 11. Variations between d18O in Recently Deposited Snow and On-Site Air Temperature, Upper Fremont Glacier, Wyoming by Naftz, D.D. Susong, L.D. Cecil and P.L. Schuster


From the reviews of the first edition: "This is the first book devoted entirely to records preserved in mid- and low-latitude glaciers ... . The collection of papers contained in this book represents some of the leading research and development in this field. It is presented in a readable book format of coherent chapters, with useful sidebar information widening the audience from simply those working in the field to students or researchers wishing to obtain background knowledge in the subject." (Elizabeth Ruth Thomas, Journal of Paleolimnology, Vol. 36, 2006)

ISBN 9-048165-98-9, ISBN 9-04-816598-9, ISBN 9-04816-598-9, ISBN 9-048-16598-9, ISBN 9-0481-6598-9

ISBN 978-9-048165-98-8, ISBN 978-9-04-816598-8, ISBN 978-9-04816-598-8, ISBN 978-9-048-16598-8, ISBN 978-9-0481-6598-8

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