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Lakshmanan, Muthusamy; Senthilkumar, Dharmapuri Vijayan

Dynamics of Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Springer Series in Synergetics

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, Januar 2011

Edition - 313 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 243x163x25 mm

ISBN: 3642149375 EAN: 9783642149375

Synchronization of chaotic systems, a patently nonlinear phenomenon, has emerged as a highly active interdisciplinary research topic at the interface of physics, biology, applied mathematics and engineering sciences. In this connection, time-delay systems described by delay differential equations have developed as particularly suitable tools for modeling specific dynamical systems. Indeed, time-delay is ubiquitous in many physical systems, for example due to finite switching speeds of amplifiers in electronic circuits, finite lengths of vehicles in traffic flows, finite signal propagation times in biological networks and circuits, and quite generally whenever memory effects are relevant. This monograph presents the basics of chaotic time-delay systems and their synchronization with an emphasis on the effects of time-delay feedback which give rise to new collective dynamics. Special attention is devoted to scalar chaotic/hyperchaotic time-delay systems, and some higher order models, occurring in different branches of science and technology as well as to the synchronization of their coupled versions. Last but not least, the presentation as a whole strives for a balance between the necessary mathematical description of the basics and the detailed presentation of real-world applications.

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Bridges a gap in the literature by providing an introduction to this specific subfield of chaotic dynamical systems Unique in the thorough presentation on scalar hyperchaotic (up to higher-order) time-delay systems Strives a balance between mathematical treatment and real-world applications


Delay Differential Equations.- Linear Stability and Bifurcation Analysis.- Bifurcation and Chaos in Time-delayed Piecewise Linear.- A Few Other Interesting Chaotic Delay Differential Equations.- Implications of Delay Feebdack: Amplitude Death and Other Effects.- Recent Developments on Delay Feedback/Coupling: Complex.- Complete Synchronization in Coupled Time-delay Systems.- Transition from Anticipatory to Lag Synchronization via Complete.- Intermittency Transition to Generalized Snychronization.- Transition from Phase to Generalized Synchronization.- DTM Induced Oscillating Synchronization.- Exact Solutions of Certain Time Delay Systems: The Car-following Models.- A Computing Lyapunov Exponents for Time-delay systems.- B A Brief Introduction to Synchronization in Chaotic Dynamical Systems.- C Recurrence Analysis.- References.- Glossary.- Index.

Über den Autor

Previous book by the same author. Nonlinear Dynamics - Integrability, Chaos and Patterns Series: Advanced Texts in Physics Lakshmanan, Muthusamy, Rajaseekar, Shanmuganathan 2003, XX, 619 p. 193 illus., Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-540-43908-0 Usually dispatched between 3 to 5 business days 159,95 EUR (original price unknown) Approx sales figures: 434 (ROW) + 200 (US).


From the reviews:"The main emphasis of this book is on chaotic dynamics and synchronization in delay-differential equations with a particular emphasis on coupled systems. ... This book would serve as a good starting point for anyone wanting to explore further the research topics presented. In particular, it is a good introduction to topics and questions in delay-differential equations mostly explored by physicists and the considerable literature in physics journals that has emerged in recent years." (Pietro-Luciano Buono, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2012 d)"The book is well organized and presents the most important classical and modern essentials of chaotic time delay systems and synchronization. It is suitable for senior undergraduate and graduate students as well as practical engineers and researchers interested in dynamics of nonlinear time-delay systems and synchronization." (Seenith Sivasundaram, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1230, 2012)

ISBN 3-642-14937-5

ISBN 978-3-642-14937-5

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