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Dynamical Systems, Wave-Based Computation and Neuro-Inspired Robots (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences 500

Springer-Verlag KG, Springer Wien, Oktober 2010

255 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 126 schwarz-weiße Abbildungen - 235x157x18 mm

ISBN: 3211999302 EAN: 9783211999301

This volume is a special Issue on "Dynamical Systems, Wave based computation and neuro inspired robots'^ based on a Course carried out at the CISM in Udine (Italy), the last week of September, 2003. From the topics treated within that Course, several new ideas were f- mulated, which led to a new kind of approach to locomotion and p- ception, grounded both on biologically inspired issues and on nonlinear dynamics. The Course was characterised by a high degree of multi disciplinarity. In fact, in order to conceive, design and build neuro inspired machines, it is necessary to deeply scan into different d- ciplines, including neuroscience. Artificial Intelligence, Biorobotics, Dynamical Systems theory and Electronics. New types of moving machines should be more closely related to the biological rules, not discarding the real implementation issues. The recipe has to include neurobiological paradigms as well as behavioral aspects from the one hand, new circuit paradigms, able of real time control of multi joint robots on the other hand. These new circuit paradigms are based on the theory of complex nonlinear dynamical systems, where aggregates of simple non linear units into ensembles of lattices, have the pr- erty that the solution set is much richer than that one shown by the single units. As a consequence, new solutions ^'emerge'\ which are often characterized by order and harmony.

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Part I: Foundations of Dynamical Systems and wave based computation for locomotion modeling T.G. Deliagina: Overview of Motor Systems. Types of Movements: Reflexes,Rhythmical and Voluntary MovementsT.G. Deliagina: Initiation and Generation of Movements: 1. Central Pattern Generators2. Command SystemsT.G. Deliagina: Stabilization of PostureP. Arena: Locomotion as a Spatial-temporal Phenomenon: Models of the Central Pattern GeneratorP. Arena: Design of CPGs via Spatial distributed non linear dynamical systemsP. Arena: Realization of bio-inspired locomotion machines via nonlinear dynamical circuitsB. Webb: Using robots to model biological behaviour Part II: From sensing toward perceptionB. Webb: Spiking neuron controllers for a sound localising robotB. Webb: Combining several sensorimotor systems: from insects to robot implementationsP. Arena, L. Fortuna, M. Frasca and L. Patané: Sensory Feedback in locomotion controlP. Arena and L. Patané: A looming detector for collision avoidanceP. Arena, L. Fortuna, M. Frasca and L. Patané: Hearing: recognition and localization of soundP. Arena, D. Lombardo and L. Patané: Perception and robot behavior Part III: Practical Issues A. Basile and M. Frasca: Practical Issues of "Dynamical Systems, Wave based Computation and Neuro-Inspired Robots" IntroductionM. Pavone, M. Stich and B. Streibl: Locomotion control of a hexapod by Turing PatternsP. Brunetto, A. Buscarino and A. Latteri: Visual Control of a Roving Robot based on Turing PatternsF. Danieli and D. Melita: Wave-based control of a bio-inspired hexapod robotP. Crucitti and G. Ganci: Cricket phonotaxis: simple Lego implementationP. Aprile, M. Porez and M. Wrabel: CNN-based control of a robot inspired to snakeboard locomotionP. Crucitti, G. Dimartino, M. Pavone, C.D. Presti: Cooperative behavior of robots controlled by CNN autowaves

ISBN 3-211-99930-2

ISBN 978-3-211-99930-1

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