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Ponce de Leon F. de Carvalho, Andre (Herausgeber); Rodríguez-González, Sara (Herausgeber); De Paz, Juan F. (Herausgeber); Corchado, Juan M. (Herausgeber)

Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence 7th International Symposium (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 79

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, August 2010

Edition - 702 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 233x158x43 mm

ISBN: 3642148824 EAN: 9783642148828

The International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intel- gence (DCAI¿10) is an annual forum that brings together past experience, current work and promising future trends associated with distributed computing, artificial intelligence and their application to provide efficient solutions to real problems. This symposium is organized by the Biomedicine, Intelligent System and Edu- tional Technology Research Group (http://bisite. usal. es/) of the University of - lamanca. The present edition has been held at the Polytechnic University of - lencia, from 7 to 10 September 2010, within the Congreso Español de Informática (CEDI 2010). Technology transfer in this field is still a challenge, with a large gap between academic research and industrial products. This edition of DCAI aims at contributing to reduce this gap, with a stimulating and productive forum where these communities can work towards future cooperation with social and econo- cal benefits. This conference is the forum in which to present application of in- vative techniques to complex problems. Artificial intelligence is changing our - ciety. Its application in distributed environments, such as internet, electronic commerce, environment monitoring, mobile communications, wireless devices, distributed computing, to cite some, is continuously increasing, becoming an e- ment of high added value with social and economic potential, both industry, life quality and research. These technologies are changing constantly as a result of the large research and technical effort being undertaken in universities, companies.

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Recent Research on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Results of the International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence 2010 (DCAI'10), held Sept 7-10, 2010 in Valencia, Spain Written by Leading Experts in the Field


Feature Selection Method for Classification of New and Used Bills.- Otoliths Identifiers Using Image Contours EFD.- Semantic Based Web Mining for Recommender Systems.- Classification of Fatigue Bills Based on K-Means by Using Creases Feature.- A Classification Method of Inquiry e-Mails for Describing FAQ with Self-configured Class Dictionary.- A Recommendation System for the Semantic Web.- Natural Scene Segmentation Method through Hierarchical Nature Categorization.- First Steps towards Implicit Feedback for Recommender Systems in Electronic Books.- A Trust-Based Provider Recommender for Mobile Devices in Semantic Environments.- Quality of Service and Quality of Control Based Protocol to Distribute Agents.- Smart Communication to Improve the Quality of Health Service Delivery.- APoDDS: A DDS-Based Approach to Promote Multi-Agent Systems in Distributed Environments.- Architecture for Multiagent-Based Control Systems.- SithGent, an Ill Agent.- Trends on the Development of Adaptive Virtual Organizations.- Using Case-Based Reasoning to Support Alternative Dispute Resolution.- Statistical Machine Translation Using the Self-Organizing Map.- Virtual Organisations Dissolution.- Cloud Computing in Bioinformatics.- A Support Vector Regression Approach to Predict Carbon Dioxide Exchange.- The Knowledge Modeling for the Simulation of Competition on Plant Community Growth.- Pano UMECHIKA: A Crowded Underground City Panoramic View System.- Proposal of Smooth Switching Mechanism on P2P Streaming.- Low Cost Architecture for Remote Monitoring and Control of Small Scale Industrial Installations.- Translators in Textual Entailment.- Strategies to Map Parallel Applications onto Meshes.- A Location-Based Transactional Download Service of Contextualized Multimedia Content for Mobile Clients.- An Identification Method of Inquiry E-mails to the Matching FAQ for Automatic Question Answering.- Cryptanalysis of Hash Functions Using Advanced Multiprocessing.- Development of Transcoder in Conjunction with Video Watermarking to Deter Information Leak.- Novel Chatterbot System Utilizing BBS Information for Estimating User Interests.- Do Engineers Use Convergence to a Vanishing Point when Sketching?.- Fingerprinting Location Estimation and Tracking in Critical Wireless Environments Based on Accuracy Ray-Tracing Algorithms.- FASANT: A Versatile Tool to Analyze Radio Localization System at Indoor or Outdoor Environments.- Piecewise Linear Representation Segmentation as a Multiobjective Optimization Problem.- An Architecture to Provide Context-Aware Services by Means of Conversational Agents.- A Conversational Academic Assistant for the Interaction in Virtual Worlds.- Using Context-Awareness to Foster Active Lifestyles.- Multi-camera and Multi-modal Sensor Fusion, an Architecture Overview.- Multi-sensor and Multi Agents Architecture for Indoor Location.- Multi-agent Based Distributed Semi-automatic Sensors Surveillance System Architecture.- Interactive Video Annotation Tool.- Data Modeling for Ambient Home Care Systems.- Face Recognition at a Distance: Scenario Analysis and Applications.- Distributed Subcarrier and Power Allocation for Cellular OFDMA Systems.- Distributed Genetic Programming for Obtaining Formulas: Application to Concrete Strength.- A Distributed Clinical Decision Support System Applied to Prostate Cancer Diagnosis.- A Survey on Indoor Positioning Systems: Foreseeing a Quality Design.- Distributed and Asynchronous Bees Algorithm: An Efficient Model for Large Scale Problems Optimizations.- Integrating Data Mining Models from Distributed Data Sources.- Using a Self Organizing Map Neural Network for Short-Term Load Forecasting, Analysis of Different Input Data Patterns.- SOM for Getting the Brake Formula of a Vehicle on a Brake Tester and on Flat Ground.- Towards an Effective Knowledge Translation of Clinical Guidelines and Complementary Information.- Decision Making Based on Quality-of-Information a Clinical Guideline for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Scenario.- Decision Support System for the Diagnosis of Urological Dysfunctions Based on Fuzzy Logic.- Market Stock Decisions Based on Morphological Filtering.- Swarm Intelligence, Scatter Search and Genetic Algorithm to Tackle a Realistic Frequency Assignment Problem.- Multi-Join Query Optimization Using the Bees Algorithm.- Towards an Adaptive Integration Trigger.- Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms Used in Greenhouse Planning for Recycling Biomass into Energy.- Parallel Hyperheuristics for the Antenna Positioning Problem.- An Improved AntTree Algorithm for Document Clustering.- Solving the Parameter Setting in Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms Using Grid::Cluster.- Constrained Trajectory Planning for Cooperative Work with Behavior Based Genetic Algorithm.- A Hybrid Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for Anomaly Intrusion Detection.- JXTA-Sim: Simulating the JXTA Search Algorithm.- Scalability of Enhanced Parallel Batch Pattern BP Training Algorithm on General-Purpose Supercomputers.- Performance Improvement in Multipopulation Particle Swarm Algorithm.- A New Memetic Algorithm for the Two-Dimensional Bin-Packing Problem with Rotations.- A Meta Heuristic Solution for Closest String Problem Using Ant Colony System.- A New Parallel Cooperative Model for Trajectory Based Metaheuristics.- Using a Parallel Team of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms to Solve the Motif Discovery Problem.- Rule-Based System to Improve Performance on Mash-up Web Applications.- Information Extraction from Heterogeneous Web Sites Using Clue Complement Process Based on a User's Instantiated Example.- Information Extraction from Heterogenous Web Sites Using Additional Search of Related Contents Based on a User's Instantiated Example.- Bridging together Semantic Web and Model-Driven Engineering.- Novel Chatterbot System Utilizing Web Information.- Exploring the Advances in Semantic Search Engines.- Control Performance Assessment: A General Survey.- Improving Optical WDM Networks by Using a Multi-core Version of Differential Evolution with Pareto Tournaments.- Solving the General Routing Problem by Artificial Ants.- Eliminating Datacenter Idle Power with Dynamic and Intelligent VM Relocation.- Bee Colony System: Preciseness and Speed in Discrete Optimization.- An Iconic Notation for Describing the Composition between Relations of a Qualitative Model Based on Trajectories.- Speaker Adaptation and Speech-Spectral Deformation.- A Hybrid Parallel Approach for 3D Reconstruction of Cellular Specimens.- Data Fusion for Face Recognition.- Object Signature Features Selection for Handwritten Jawi Recognition.

ISBN 3-642-14882-4

ISBN 978-3-642-14882-8

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