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DeLuliis, Gerry; Pulera, Dino

Dissection of Vertebrates (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Academic Press

Elsevier LTD, Oxford, Dezember 2010

2. Auflage - 332 S. - Sprache: Englisch - Illustrations - 277x217x22 mm

ISBN: 0123750601 EAN: 9780123750600

The Dissection of Vertebrates provides students with a manual combining pedagogical effective text with high-quality, accurate, and attractive visual references. Using a systemic approach within a systematic framework for each vertebrate, this book covers several animals commonly used in providing an anatomical transition sequence. Seven animals are covered: lamprey, shark, perch, mudpuppy, frog, pigeon and cat.

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Praise for the New Edition: "This manual is destined to be a must for the present generation of beginning and intermediate students in the anatomy of vertebrates. It blends a familiar language with the formalism and cadence of Victorian descriptions, all the while maintaining clear directions on dissection procedures, and amazing, realistic, art, rendering its reading a vivid experience. It is strongly based in the conceptual framework of phylogeny but without losing the practical spirit of manuals. The incorporation of new sections on examples often not (or ever) included in other works is a bonus that broadens its scope, flexibility, and utility."--Dr Sergio F Vizcaino, Departmento Cientifico Paleontologia Vertebrados, Museo de la Plata, Argentina "This new lab manual by De Iuliis and Pulera will quickly become the standard for veterinary and vertebrate zoology courses alike. The artwork is simply the best available, and appears more true-to-life than any others. The choice of including skeletal material beyond the standard fare (including T. rex!) makes this manual truly innovative. The text clearly explains the anatomy, and goes into more detail than any similar manual, allowing the instructor to more easily tailor the manual to his or her course. Prepare to see this work mimicked by others!"--Randall Lauff, Biology Department, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS, Canada

ISBN 0-123750-60-1, ISBN 0-12-375060-1, ISBN 0-12375-060-1, ISBN 0-123-75060-1, ISBN 0-1237-5060-1

ISBN 978-0-123750-60-0, ISBN 978-0-12-375060-0, ISBN 978-0-12375-060-0, ISBN 978-0-123-75060-0, ISBN 978-0-1237-5060-0

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