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Romano, Silvia Daniela; Sorichetti, Patricio Aníbal

Dielectric Spectroscopy in Biodiesel Production and Characterization (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Green Energy and Technology

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer London, Februar 2011

103 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 48 schwarz-weiße Abbildungen, 7 schwarz-weiße Tabellen - 236x159x12 mm

ISBN: 1849965188 EAN: 9781849965187

Dielectric Spectroscopy in Biodiesel Production and Characterization presents the application of dielectric techniques in the production process of biodiesel, and in the characterization of biofuels, raw materials and effluents. In this comprehensive text, the reader will find information about biodiesel, production processes and biofuel characterization, including a description of dielectric techniques that are a useful alternative to - and have some important advantages over - international standards. Dielectric Spectroscopy in Biodiesel Production and Characterization is written in a language that is easy for both specialists and non-specialists to understand. It provides the concepts and tools needed for the application and correlation of the results of dielectric measurement with those from other techniques that are included in international standards. Aimed at a broad audience, the book gives a unified presentation, in a clear and concise way, of up-to-date information that has been gathered from a wide range of sources. Based on the ample research and teaching experience of the authors, Dielectric Spectroscopy in Biodiesel Production and Characterization will be of interest to professionals working in the liquid biofuels industry, researchers entering the field and also advanced university students on related courses.

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Consolidates in book form information only previously available in articles Provides reader with the concepts and tools required for the application of dielectric measurement techniques Includes a description of standard dielectric techniques, as well as useful alternatives


1. Introduction.- 2. Introduction to Biodiesel Production.- 3. Standards for Fuel Characterization.- 4. Electric Properties of Liquids.- 5. Introduction to Dielectric Spectroscopy (DS).- 6. Dielectric Techniques for the Characterization of Raw Materials and Effluents in Biodiesel Production.- 7. Application of Dielectric Spectroscopy to the Characterization of FAME in Biodiesel Production.- 8. Relations Between the Properties Required by International Standards and Dielectric Properties of Biodiesel.

Über den Autor

Silvia Daniela Romano is an assistant professor and director of the Renewable Energies Group at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and also a member of CONICET. Prof. Dr-Eng. Romano's current research interests include liquid systems; production and characterization of liquid biofuels; correlation of biodiesel properties; modelling of physico-chemical properties in biodiesel; design and construction of equipment of characterization properties by international standards; and measurement of properties for the characterization of biofuels not included in international standards. Patricio An?bal Sorichetti is an associate professor at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as a senior member of the IEEE and a member of the IEEE Dielectrics and Insulation Society. Professor Sorichetti's present research areas are physics of complex fluids and polymers, and dielectric and vicoelastic relaxation processes in liquids and solids.

ISBN 1-849965-18-8, ISBN 1-84-996518-8, ISBN 1-84996-518-8, ISBN 1-849-96518-8, ISBN 1-8499-6518-8

ISBN 978-1-849965-18-7, ISBN 978-1-84-996518-7, ISBN 978-1-84996-518-7, ISBN 978-1-849-96518-7, ISBN 978-1-8499-6518-7

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