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Stjernfelt, Frederik

Diagrammatology An Investigation on the Borderlines of Phenomenology, Ontology, and Semiotics (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Springer Netherlands, Springer Netherland, November 2010

2010 - 544 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 233x156x38 mm Book

ISBN: 940070531X EAN: 9789400705319

Diagrammatology investigates the role of diagrams for thought and knowledge. Based on the general doctrine of diagrams in Charles Peirce's mature work, Diagrammatology claims diagrams to constitute a centerpiece of epistemology. This book reflects Peirce's work on the issue in Husserl's contemporaneous doctrine of categorical intuition and charts the many unnoticed similarities between Peircean semiotics and early Husserlian phenomenology.

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The first scrutinization of Peirce's general diagram doctrine Compares and integrates pragmatism and phenomenology; Peirce and Husserl Interdisciplinary study involving philosophy on the one hand and biology, art history and theory of literature on the other Presents a realist semiotics as opposed to strong anti-realist positions in the semiotic tradition Advocates a rational understanding of diagram use in thought


Preface.- Introduction.- I. DIAGRAMS - PEIRCE AND HUSSERL.- 1 Let's Stick Together - Peirce's Metaphysics of the Continuum.- 2 The Physiology of Arguments - Peirce's Extreme Realism and the Continuum in his Theory of Signs.- 3 How to Learn More - An Apology for a Strong Concept of Iconicity.- 4 Moving Pictures of Thought - Diagrams as Centerpiece of a Peircean Epistemology.- 5 Everything is Transformed - Transformation in Semiotics.- 6 Categories and Diagrams - the Grasping of Ideal Objects in Husserl and Peirce.- 7 Mereology - Parts and Wholes in Phenomenology and Semiotics.- 8 Diagrammatical Reasoning and the Synthetic A Priori.- II. BIOSEMIOTICS, PICTURES, LITERATURE.- 9 Biosemiotics as Material and Formal Ontology.- 10 A Natural Symphony? - Actuality of von Uexk?ll's Bedeutungslehre.- 11 Man the Abstract Animal - Diagrams, Abstraction, and the Semiotic Missing Link.- 12 The Signifying Body - Making Sense of 'Embodiment'.- 13 Christ Levitating and the Vanishing Square - Diagrams in Picture Analysis.- 14 Into the Picture - Husserl's Picture Theories and Two Picture Types.- 15 Small Outline of a Theory of the Sketch.- 16 Who is Michael Wo-Ling Ptah-Hotep Jerolomon? - Literary interpretation as Thought Experiment.- 17 Five Types of Schematic Iconicity in the Literary Text - an Extension of the Ingardenian Viewpoint.- 18 The Man Who Knew Too Much - Espionage in Reality and Fiction: Regional Ontology and Iconicity.- Perspective.- APPENDIX - Peircean Continuity between Mathematics and Philosophy.- Bibliography.- Notes.- Index.


From the reviews: "Diagrams will never be the same. A fascinating and challenging tour through phenomenology, biology, Peirce's theory of signs and Ingarden's ontology of literature, all neatly tied together through the guiding thread of the diagrammatical. A veritable tour de force." (Barry Smith, SUNY at Buffalo, U.S.A.) "The volume Diagrammatology can and should be regarded as it is intended, as a controversial, indeed iconoclastic, contribution to semiotic inquiry. This book is undoubtedly significant, erudite, meticulous and fluent in writing. Its voluminous output is fully justified in scholarly and intellectual terms: this book represents a masterful achievement in semiotic studies, one that should find its place in tertiary libraries." (Geoffrey Sykes, International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, Vol. 21, 2008) "Stjernfelt accomplishes a rarely achieved clearness in presenting key features of Peircean semiotics. In addition, this approach is rewarded by a true discovery that might prove to be of far reaching consequence." (Thomas Riese, Biosemiotics, Vol. 1, 2008) "Peirce and Husserl were mathematicians who had common interests in language, ontology, and phenomenology. Yet the terminology they coined was so different that they misunderstood one another: each accused the other of 'psychologism'. With his meticulous scholarship, Frederik Stjernfelt shows that they had a closer affinity to one another than either had to Frege or Heidegger. In fact, the writings of each frequently illuminate and extend the insights of the other. This book shows that Peirce and Husserl were cultivating a broad and fertile common ground, which was largely neglected by both the analytic and the continental philosophers during the 20th century and which promises to be an exciting area of research in the 21st." (John F. Sowa, Croton-on-Hudson, U.S.A.) "[...] Stjernfelt succeeds in at least two ways. First, he provides a key for an overall treatment of this very fascinating topic which in recent years has been investigated from the points of view of the most different and various fields of research. In doing so, he does not neglect the complexity of the topic but, on the contrary, shows all the different issues that can be connected with or elucidated by it. Secondly, he puts forward interpretations of Peircean semiotics and Husserlian phenomenology that stress similarities between the two, thereby opening up not only a series of questions about the evidence in support of his claims, but also a relatively new perspective that brings closer two traditions which until now have not been treated as deriving from similar ideas." (Valeria Giardino, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, July 2008) "Diagrammatology offers - finally - a systematic articulation of the Peircean work on the diagram, in all its complex interconnections with other developments of pragmati(ci)sm." (Riccardo Fusaroli, Versus 106-108, 2009)

ISBN 9-400705-31-X, ISBN 9-40-070531-X, ISBN 9-40070-531-X, ISBN 9-400-70531-X, ISBN 9-4007-0531-X

ISBN 978-9-400705-31-9, ISBN 978-9-40-070531-9, ISBN 978-9-40070-531-9, ISBN 978-9-400-70531-9, ISBN 978-9-4007-0531-9

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