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Gailly, Benoît

Developing Innovative Organizations A Roadmap to Boost your Innovation Potential (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Palgrave Macmillan, Palgrave Macmillan UK, Dezember 2010

232 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 1 b/w tables, 9 figures - 241x163x22 mm

ISBN: 0230289428 EAN: 9780230289420

Combining insights from leading academic research and experienced managers, this book provides a systematic framework to understand what innovation is, why it matters, how it can be managed and how it can help your organization to reach its objectives.

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Dedicated to the captains and coaches of innovation, this book disucsses in depth the capabilities organizations must develop if they want to grow and compete in an innovation-intensive environment


Acknowledgement About The Authors Table Of Contents List Of Figures Introduction Structure Your Innovation Roadmap Part I: Understanding The Innovation Challenge Understanding Innovation Why Worry? The Case For Innovation Part II: Developing Innovation Capabilities Innovation Strategy: How And How Much To Innovate Nurturing Entrepreneurial Resources Sourcing: Finding The Gold Nuggets Assessing Innovations: Show Me The Money Stairways To Heaven: Managing The Innovation Pipeline Conclusion

Über den Autor

Benoît Gailly


'Developing Innovative Organizations is an original book which uses a systematic approach to understand what innovation means from a business point of view, why it matters, and what successful organizations can do about it. Largely based on the rich experience of the author both as a consultant and as an academic, this book offers powerful frameworks and tools and concrete examples from a wide range of industries.' - Professor Alain Fayolle, Director of the Entrepreneurship Research Centre, EM Lyon Business School, France 'For years Professor Gailly has played the role of "innovation coach" not only for his masters and executive students but also for many active Innovation Leaders such as myself. Those who don't have the chance to work directly with him now have the opportunity to find in this book very efficient and practical help for their daily innovation challenges.' - Marc Van Den Neste, Vice-President & CTO, AGC Glass Europe 'Innovation is not a goal per se. The aim of Innovation is to support a strategy and help a company to reach its objectives, be it in terms of new customer needs, shareholders return or market share. This book provides excellent insights regarding how to make innovation management a process of the whole organization and how to better turn opportunities into successful innovations.' - Pierre Tossut, Group R&D Director, Puratos 'Based both on state-of-the-art research and extensive frontline experience, this book combines scientific rigor and managerial relevance to provide current and future managers with a systematic and pragmatic approach to tackle the challenges of innovation management.' - Eric Cornuel, Director General & CEO, European Foundation for Management Development 'This book provides a complete and comprehensive overview of the "Innovation Journey' that companies need to embark on to challenge and grow their business. It has really helped me, in my current role, to revisit the critical success factors of innovation management. The book explains key concepts in a practical, straightforward way and enables readers to grasp the important notions quickly but thoroughly... a 'must have' reference book to develop or strengthen the innovative capabilities of any type of organization.' - Brigitte Laurent Group innovation Champion, Solvay

ISBN 0-230289-42-8, ISBN 0-23-028942-8, ISBN 0-23028-942-8, ISBN 0-230-28942-8, ISBN 0-2302-8942-8

ISBN 978-0-230289-42-0, ISBN 978-0-23-028942-0, ISBN 978-0-23028-942-0, ISBN 978-0-230-28942-0, ISBN 978-0-2302-8942-0

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