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McNallen, Helen

Depression Can Be Fun (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Chipmunkapublishing, Juni 2010

264 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 203x128x17 mm Paperback

ISBN: 1849912017 EAN: 9781849912013

Depression Can Be Fun is an initiative of Helen McNallen who has suffered from Clinical and Bipolar Depression and wants to help others and spread the word. The book's name originated from the 'black comedy' of her experiences of manic depression and is certainly not meant to offend or belittle Depression. Humour is a powerful antidote to Depression as she found out and you will find out in the book. It is also an acceptable medium to explain Depression and take away the misunderstandings and stigma still sometimes attached to depression. The book is concise, accurate, humorous, sympathetic and informative all at once and gives a relaxed approach to dealing with depression and reminds us that although life is hard, if you look closely and long enough, you will find something to make you smile. Whether you are depressed or not, we will all encounter depressed people, and understanding depression and mental illness can make us more helpful to them. Helen McNallen is 41 and lives in Nottinghamshire. Helen was diagnosed with physical and mental exhaustion in 1998, with clinical depression in 1999 and then bi-polar depression in 2003. Having suffered a breakdown as a trader in the city of London and subsequent depression for many years, she is keen to help others avoid the terrible grips of Depression and its side effects by raising awareness of depression and supporting people in any way she can. Helen has set up a website to support and inform depression sufferers and their carers, www.depressioncanbefun.com and has written Depression Can Be Fun to help others capture that glimmer of hope that she lost sight of for a long time. Helen also works with the NHS and is involved in the Time to Change nationwide anti-stigma campaign.

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ISBN 1-849912-01-7, ISBN 1-84-991201-7, ISBN 1-84991-201-7, ISBN 1-849-91201-7, ISBN 1-8499-1201-7

ISBN 978-1-849912-01-3, ISBN 978-1-84-991201-3, ISBN 978-1-84991-201-3, ISBN 978-1-849-91201-3, ISBN 978-1-8499-1201-3

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