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Martin-Jones, David

Deleuze and World Cinemas (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)


270 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 237x159x22 mm

ISBN: 0826436420 EAN: 9780826436429

Brings Deleuze's writings on cinema into contact with world cinema, drawing on examples ranging from Georges Méliès to Michael Mann.

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Introduction: Deterritorializing Deleuze; Spectacle I: Attraction-Image; 1. The Attraction-Image: From Georges Melies to the Spaghetti Western; Impossible Voyage (1904); Django (1966); Keoma (1976); History: Deleuze After Dictatorship; 2. The Child-seer in and as History: Argentine Melodrama; Kamchatka (2002); 3. Folding and Unfolding History: South Korean Time Travel Movies; Calla (1999); Ditto (2000); 2009: Lost Memories (2002); Space: Geopolitics and the Action-Image; 4. Not just any-space-whatever: Hong Kong and the global/local action-image; Police Story (1985); 5. Globalization's Action Crystals: Los Angeles in Michael Mann Blockbusters; Heat (1995); Collateral (2004); Spectacle II: Masala-Image; 6. The Masala-Image: Popular Indian (Bollywood) Cinema; Toofani Tarzan (1936); Awaara (1951); Dilwale Dulhania La Jayenge (1995); Conclusion: The Continuing Adventures of Deleuze and World Cinemas; Bibliography; Index.

Über den Autor

David Martin-Jones is Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of St Andrews, UK. He is the author of Deleuze, Cinema and National Identity (EUP, 2006), Scotland: Global Cinema (EUP, forthcoming) and Deleuze Reframed (I.B. Taurus, 2008).


Deleuze and World Cinemas is distinctive in the critical literature on cinema: it offers a reading of Deleuze that is neither for nor against the philosopher. It is respectful of Deleuze's writings on cinema, but the book is steadfast in its tracing of the various ways in which Deleuze's formulations of the time-and movement-images, their Eurocentrism, necessitate their reconsideration in the context of World cinemas. Jones argues convincingly and in a lucid and engaging style for an "a-Deleuzian" position based on a careful examination of the Deleuze texts themselves, on major studies of Deleuze's cinematic philosophy, and on seminal writings in cinema theory and practices. Most striking is Martin-Jones's selection of films that, instead of rehearsing usual canonical suspects, opts for an analysis of popular films from Argentina, South Korea, Hong Kong, Hollywood, and India to refine on, expand, and resituate Deleuze's thoughts on cinema in the context of globality." - Marcia Landy, University of Pittsburg, USA

ISBN 0-826436-42-0, ISBN 0-82-643642-0, ISBN 0-82643-642-0, ISBN 0-826-43642-0, ISBN 0-8264-3642-0

ISBN 978-0-826436-42-9, ISBN 978-0-82-643642-9, ISBN 978-0-82643-642-9, ISBN 978-0-826-43642-9, ISBN 978-0-8264-3642-9

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