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Daniel, Florian (Herausgeber); Facca, Federico Michele (Herausgeber)

Current Trends in Web Engineering, ICWE 2010 Workshops 10th International Conference, ICWE 2010 Workshops, Vienna, Austria, July 5-6, 2010, Revised Selected Papers (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6385

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, November 2010

595 S. - Sprache: Englisch - Illustrations - 238x157x38 mm Book

ISBN: 3642169848 EAN: 9783642169847

emerging or foundationalnaturethatextendthefocusofICWEbeyonditstraditionaltopics. We reachedthis goalby betting onsubjects such asthe Semantic Web, semantic data management, the Internet of things, Web-enabled tourism, service-based compliance management, and e-crowdsourcing.

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Up to date resultsFast conference proceedingsState-of-the-art report


Sixth Model-Driven Web Engineering Workshop (MDWE).- Rapid Development of Composite Applications Using Annotated Web Services.- From Mockups to User Interface Models: An Extensible Model Driven Approach.- Model-Driven Web Engineering Performance Prediction with Layered Queue Networks.- Models and Meta Models for Transactions in Web Applications.- Using Actions Charts for Reactive Web Application Modeling.- Modeling Search Computing Applications.- First International Workshop on Quality in Web Engineering (QWE).- Developing Security Assessment Models in Web2 Mobile Environments.- Association-Rules-Based Recommender System for Personalization in Adaptive Web-Based Applications.- Quality in Use Model for Web Portals (QiUWeP).- Towards Support Processes for Web Projects.- Reliability Verification of Search Engines' Hit Counts: How to Select a Reliable Hit Count for a Query.- Second International Workshop on Semantic Web Information Management (SWIM).- Selecting Materialized Views for RDF Data.- Semantic Wonder Cloud: Exploratory Search in DBpedia.- Managing Adaptivity in Web Collaborative Processes Using Policies and User Profiles.- Transformation of the Common Information Model to OWL.- Improving Web Search Results for Homonyms by Suggesting Completions from an Ontology.- How to Modify on the Semantic Web?.- T2.O.M. T.O.M.: Techniques and Technologies for an Ontology-Based Mobility Tool with Open Maps.- An Approach to Semantic Information Retrieval Based on Natural Language Query Understanding.- Slicing Linked Data by Extracting Significant, Self-describing Subsets: The DBpedia Case.- Automatically Identifying Bounds on Semantic Annotations for Bioinformatics Web Service Input Parameters.- First International Workshop on Service Web Engineering (SWEng).- REST Inspired Code Partitioning with a JavaScript Middleware.- The SOA Paradigm and e-Service Architecture Reconsidered from the e-Business Perspective.- Semantic Annotation of RESTful Services Using External Resources.- First Workshop on Engineering SOA and the Web (ESW).- Analyzing Compliance of Service-Based Business Processes for Root-Cause Analysis and Prediction.- Trade-off between Complexity of Structured Tagging and Effectiveness of Web Service Retrieval.- Aspect-Oriented Checkpointing Approach of Composed Web Services.- A Runtime Performance Analysis for Web Service-Based Applications.- Business Process Compliance through Reusable Units of Compliant Processes.- Second International Workshop on Lightweight Composition on theWeb (ComposableWeb).- An Approach to Enable Replacement of SOAP Services and REST Services in Lightweight Processes.- Context, Quality and Relevance: Dependencies and Impacts on RESTful Web Services Design.- Quality-Based Recommendations for Mashup Composition.- Partial Information Extraction Approach to Lightweight Integration on the Web.- Domain-Specific Mashups: From All to All You Need.- Conceptual and Usability Issues in the Composable Web of Software Services.- First International Workshop on Enterprise Crowdsourcing (EC).- Crowdsourcing in the Document Processing Practice.- Definition of a Crowdsourcing Innovation Service for the European SMEs.- Script Programmers as Value Co-creators.- Quality Assurance for Human-Based Electronic Services: A Decision Matrix for Choosing the Right Approach.- Collaborative Workforce, Business Process Crowdsourcing as an Alternative of BPO.- First International Workshop on Web-Enabled Objects (TouchTheWeb).- Connecting Smart Things through Web Services Orchestrations.- Mashing Up Your Web-Enabled Home.- A Triple Space-Based Semantic Distributed Middleware for Internet of Things.- Touch-Based Services' Catalogs for AAL.- Designing Context-Aware Interactions for Task-Based Applications.- First International Workshop on Web Engineering and Tourism (WEBTOUR).- Tourist Trip Planning Functionalities: State-of-the-Art and Future.- Personalized Tourist Route Generation.- Automated Generation of Itineraries in Recommender Systems for Tourism.- A Method for Assessing Website Communicative Efficacy Using a Semantic Annotation Tool.- A Process Framework for Semantics-Aware Tourism Information Systems.- ICWE 2010 Doctoral Consortium.- Use of Hypermedia Tools for End-User Development.- A Document-Centric Approach to Open Collaboration Processes.- Description-Based Mashup of Web Applications.- iSemServ: Towards the Engineering of Intelligent Semantic-Based Services.- Sustaining High-Availability and Quality of Web Services.- Client-Side Adaptation: An Approach Based in Reutilization Using Transversal Models.- QuEF (Quality Evaluation Framework) for Model-Driven Web Methodologies.- Consistent Cache Maintenance for Database Driven Websites.- Improvements of Webometrics by Using Sentiment Analysis for Better Accessibility of the Web.- Social Interaction with Cultural Heritage on the Web.

ISBN 3-642-16984-8

ISBN 978-3-642-16984-7

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