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McLeod, Kembrew; DiCola, Peter

Creative License: The Law and Culture of Digital Sampling (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

DUKE UNIV PR, März 2011

325 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 214x156x22 mm

ISBN: 0822348756 EAN: 9780822348757

Examines the legal, economic, and cultural stakes of music sampling from the differing perspectives of artists, music labels, copyright lawyers, managers, and music publishers.

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Puts digital sampling into historical, cultural, and legal context


Contents; Acknowledgments; Introduction Chapter 1: The Golden Age of Sampling; Chapter 2: A Legal and Cultural History of Sound Collage; Chapter 3: The Competing Interests in Sample Licensing; Chapter 4: Sampling Lawsuits: Hip-Hop Goes to Court; Chapter 5: The Sample Clearance System: How It Works (and How It Breaks Down); Chapter 6: Consequences for Creativity: An Assessment of the Sample Clearance System; Chapter 7: Proposals for Reform; Conclusion Appendix 1: Interviewee List; Appendix 2: Interview Questions; Notes; Bibliography; Index

Über den Autor

Kembrew McLeod is Associate Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Iowa. He is the author of "Freedom of Expression""(R)"" Resistance and Repression in the Age of Intellectual Property "and "Owning Culture: Authorship, Ownership, and Intellectual Property Law," and co-creator of the documentary film "Copyright Criminals."Peter DiCola is Assistant Professor at Northwestern University School of Law. He is a board member and former Research Director of the Future of Music Coalition.


"Communication is much like a work of art--it is a process of copying, repeating, and varying what we hear. There is no originator or owner of that which shapes our very being, and Creative License demonstrates how placing restrictions on creative commentary can stifle our cultural development." Vicki Bennett, aka People Like Us "The fact that a seemingly simplistic artistic notion--of collecting, meshing, and arranging previously recorded sounds--would eventually result in a sharp and comprehensive book, Creative License, and companion film, Copyright Criminals, is mind boggling. This study is a work of art in itself, so solid that it may leave no other choice but to be sampled as well." Chuck D, co-founder of Public Enemy "Kembrew McLeod and Peter DiCola have written a masterful exploration of the complex creative, financial, and legal issues raised by digital sampling. Their book should be required reading for anyone with a serious interest in music copyright." Jessica Litman, author of Digital Copyright "A methodical yet accessible exploration that addresses concerns from several perspectives and invites spirited discussion. Essential for students of intellectual property law, aspiring recording artists or producers, and hip-hop history buffs." - Library Journal "With the high-cost, litigation-aware environment that has emerged around the art of sampling, many artists simply won't sample any more. As the authors of this excellent book acknowledge...This is not simply a book for people with an interest in hip hop production. It is a must for anyone who is interested in copyright stories so absurd that they reveal the contradictions and tensions at play when unclear and convoluted laws put creativity and commerce on a collision course." Martin James, Times Educational Supplement

ISBN 0-822348-75-6, ISBN 0-82-234875-6, ISBN 0-82234-875-6, ISBN 0-822-34875-6, ISBN 0-8223-4875-6

ISBN 978-0-822348-75-7, ISBN 978-0-82-234875-7, ISBN 978-0-82234-875-7, ISBN 978-0-822-34875-7, ISBN 978-0-8223-4875-7

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