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Puccio, Gerard J.; Mance, Marie; Murdock, Mary C.

Creative Leadership Skills That Drive Change (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Sage Publications Ltd., Februar 2011

2nd Revised edition - 376 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 228x153x27 mm

ISBN: 1412977576 EAN: 9781412977579

Creative Leadership: Skills That Drive Change demonstrates how creative thinking is an essential element of leadership, especially when bringing about change. In this engaging book, the authors provide a unique combination of conceptual arguments, practical principles, and proven tools to enhance future leaders' effectiveness in creating and managing change. Key Features: - Intimately connects leadership and creativity: Leadership is now characterized as the catalyst for change, while creative thinking is the process that leads to change. This is the first book to make an explicit and elaborate conceptual link between creativity and leadership. - Utilizes the Creative Problem Solving process: This book explores the more than 50 years of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) research and application. While other books focus on creative thinking and CPS, this is the first to offer a philosophical position that is then followed up with specific principles and procedures that leaders can employ to deliberately enhance their effectiveness in creating and managing change. - Promotes "deliberate creativity": The authors are all faculty at the International Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo State-State University of New York, internationally renowned as a leading authority on the topic of Creative Problem Solving. Their rich experience encourages students to take a proactive approach toward the production of novel and useful ideas that address a predicament or opportunity.

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Chapter 1: Change, Leadership, and Creativity: The Powerful Connection Chapter 2: Creative Problem Solving: A Framework for Creative Leadership Chapter 3: Creative Leadership: The Foundational Skills for Creative Problem Solving Chapter 4: Creative Leadership: The Cognitive and Affective Skill Base for Creative Problem Solving Chapter 5: Transforming Your Thinking: Developing a Creative Mindset Chapter 6: Assessing the Situation: Tools for Diagnostic Thinking Chapter 7: Exploring the Vision: Tools for Visionary Thinking Chapter 8: Formulating Challenges: Tools for Strategic Thinking Chapter 9: Exploring Ideas: Tools for Ideational Thinking Chapter 10: Formulating Solutions: Tools for Evaluative Thinking Chapter 11: Exploring Acceptance: Tools for Contextual Thinking Chapter 12: Formulating a Plan: Tools for Tactical Thinking Chapter 13: Psychological Diversity: Leading People with Different Creativity Styles Chapter 14: Building a Climate for Creativity: How Leadership Sets the Tone Conclusion

Über den Autor

Dr. Gerard J. Puccio is Professor and Chair of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State, a unique academic department founded in 1967 that offers a Master of Science degree in creativity and a Graduate Certificate in Creativity and Change Leadership. Dr. Puccio has published more than 40 scholarly works and delivered more than 40 presentations at conferences and research meetings. As an internationally recognized creativity researcher, Dr. Puccio has presented his work in such countries as England, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, France, Singapore, India and Hong Kong. Recently Dr. Puccio was one of the featured speakers in a panel discussion on creativity and intelligence at an international conference sponsored by the French Federation of Psychology to celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of Binet's work. In recognition of his scholarly efforts, Dr. Puccio received the State University of New York's award for exemplary contributions to research. In addition to his scholarly work, Dr. Puccio has delivered workshops and consulting services to numerous organizations including: Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Nabisco, 3M, IBM, Fisher-Price Toys, Rich Products, and many others. He has delivered creativity training programs and courses in a number of countries, including: Spain, Ireland, Brazil, England, and Tanzania. Dr. Puccio received his doctoral degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of Manchester, England.

ISBN 1-412977-57-6, ISBN 1-41-297757-6, ISBN 1-41297-757-6, ISBN 1-412-97757-6, ISBN 1-4129-7757-6

ISBN 978-1-412977-57-9, ISBN 978-1-41-297757-9, ISBN 978-1-41297-757-9, ISBN 978-1-412-97757-9, ISBN 978-1-4129-7757-9

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