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Wilson, John P. (Herausgeber); Lindy, Jacob D. (Herausgeber)

Countertransference in the Treatment of Ptsd (Gebundene Ausgabe)


New - 406 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 236x161x38 mm

ISBN: 0898623693 EAN: 9780898623697

It is now widely recognized that mental health professionals who work with trauma victims are themselves at risk for powerful countertransference reactions (CTRs), vicarious victimization, and stress-related "burnout". This volume is the first book in the field of traumatic stress studies to systematically examine the unique role of countertransference processes in psychotherapy outcome. Emphasizing the need for carefully deliberated action, this volume offers vital new insights into the victim-healer relationship and presents detailed techniques to promote awareness of affective reactions for anyone working with sufferers of PTSD and its comorbid conditions such as anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Rich with explicit suggestions for providing compassionate and intelligent care, this insightful volume is ideal for psychotherapists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals working with people suffering from PTSD. Similarly, Countertransference in the Treatment of PTSD is a valuable classroom text for courses dealing with the treatment of trauma victims and its implications for psychotherapists.

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I. Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations of Countertransference in Post-Traumatic Therapies1. Empathic Strain and Countertransference, John P. Wilson and Jacob D. Lindy2. Empathic Strain and Therapist Defense: Type I and II CTRs, John P. Wilson, Jacob D. Lindy, and Beverley Raphael3. Empathic Strain and Countertransference Roles: Case Illustrations, Jacob D. Lindy and John P. WilsonII. Countertransference in the Treatment of Victims of Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse4. The Dance of Empathy: A Hermeneutic Formulation of Countertransference, Empathy, and Understanding in the Treatment of Individuals Who Have Experienced Early Childhood Trauma, I. Lisa McCann and Joseph Colletti5. Countertransference in the Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder, Richard P. Kluft6. Inner City Children of Trauma: Urban Violence Traumatic Stress Response Syndrome (U-VTS) and Therapists' Responses, Erwin Randolph Parson7. Countertransference in the Treatment of Acutely Traumatized Children, Kathleen Nader8. Rape and the Phenomena of Countertransference, Carol R. Hartman and Helene JacksonIII. Countertransference Reactions in Work with Victims of War Trauma, Civil Violence, and Political Oppression9. Countertransference in the Treatment of Southeast Asian Refugees, J. David Kinzie10. Determinant Factors for Countertransference Reactions under State Terrorism, Inger Agger and Soren Buus Jensen11. Countertransference in the Treatment of War Veterans, Michael J. Maxwell and Cynthia Sturm12. Countertransference and World War II Resistance Fighters: Issues in Diagnosis and Assessment, Wybrand Op den Velde, G. Frank Koerselman, and Petra G. H. AartsIV. Countertransference in "At-Risk" Professionals: Rescue Workers, Mental Health Providers, and Persons at the Workplace13. When Disaster Strikes: Managing Emotional Reactions in Rescue Workers, Beverley Raphael and John P. Wilson14. Trauma and Countertransference in the Workplace, Christine Dunning15. Countertransference, Trauma, and Training, Yael Danieli16. Beyond Empathy: New Directions for the Future, Jacob D. Lindy and John P. WilsonIndex

Über den Autor

John P. Wilson, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at Cleveland State University and widely recognized international expert in PTSD. He was a cofounder and past-president of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. Dr. Wilson is the author of "Trauma, Transformation, and Healing," and coeditor, with Beverley Raphael, of "The International Handbook of Traumatic Stress Syndromes." At present, he is Director for Stress and Trauma in Cleveland, Ohio, and Chairperson of Emergency and Disaster Services for The American Red Cross. Jacob D. Lindy, M.D., has worked as a clinician, researcher, and consultant in the area of trauma studies for over 20 years. A training and supervising analyst at the Center for Psychoanalysis in Cincinnati, Ohio, he is Director of the University of Cincinnati Traumatic Stress Study Center, and past president of both the International Society for Traumatic Stress Study Center and the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. He is also the first recipient of the Sarah Haley Award for clinical excellence in trauma therapy.


"Containing insights into the treatment process for therapists of all theoretical persuasions, "Countertransference in the Treatment of PTSD" is bound to be the definitive work on this topic for a generation of therapists. Filled with theoretical models and clinical case descriptions, this book is at once useful for the most experienced and senior therapist while being indispensable for the novice. This assemblage of therapists and clinicians have shared with us their collective wisdom from literally centuries worth of clinical experience. We are indebted to them for this gift." --Terence M. Keane, Ph.D., Director, National Center for PTSD-Boston; Chief, Psychology Service, Boston VA Medical Center; Tufts University School of Medicine "Questions of countertransference are nowhere more painful, or more important, than in work with victims of extreme trauma. Wilson and Lindy bring their own vast experience in this area, as well as that of a number of accomplished colleagues, to produce a volume of extraordinary value. The writing throughout combines rigor and compassion. Therapist and students of trauma in general will find in this book models for sensitive clinical practice informed by skillfully woven theory." --Robert Jay Lifton, M.D., Author of "The Protean Self," "The Nazi Doctors," and "The Broken Connection" "Every therapist who treats the survivor of trauma, every clinician who encounters cruelty, every scholar who studies stress syndromes will value this volume from Wilson and Lindy. Here are assembled the personal revelations, the organizing concepts, the dilemmas and insights of experts--the world leaders of the modern age of traumatic stress studies. They ask us to examine ourselves as we engage in the healing process and they make the self-scrutiny interesting." --Frank M. Ochberg, M.D., Adjunct Professor, Psychiatry, Criminal Justice; Journalism, Michigan State University "Particularly useful for gaining an appreciation of the unique

ISBN 0-898623-69-3, ISBN 0-89-862369-3, ISBN 0-89862-369-3, ISBN 0-898-62369-3, ISBN 0-8986-2369-3

ISBN 978-0-898623-69-7, ISBN 978-0-89-862369-7, ISBN 978-0-89862-369-7, ISBN 978-0-898-62369-7, ISBN 978-0-8986-2369-7

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