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Pieth, Mark (Herausgeber); Ivory, Radha (Herausgeber)

Corporate Criminal Liability: Emergence, Convergence, and Risk (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Ius Gentium: Comparative Persp 09

SPRINGER NATURE, Springer Netherland, April 2011

Edition - 395 S. - Sprache: Französisch - 246x169x28 mm

ISBN: 9400706731 EAN: 9789400706736

With industrialization and globalization, corporations acquired the capacity to influence social life for good or for ill. Yet, corporations are not traditional objects of criminal law. Justified by notions of personal moral guilt, criminal norms have been judged inapplicable to fictional persons, who 'think' and 'act' through human beings. The expansion of new corporate criminal liability (CCL) laws since the mid-1990s challenges this assumption. Our volume surveys current practice on CCL in 15 civil and common law jurisdictions, exploring the legal conditions for liability, the principles and options for sanctioning, and the procedures for investigating, charging and trying corporate offenders. It considers whether municipal CCL laws are converging around the notion of 'corporate culture', and, in any case, the implications of CCL for those charged with keeping corporations, and other legal entities, out of trouble.

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Most up to date survey of corporate criminal liability law in civil and common law jurisdictionsComprehensive summary of key developments and trendsAnalyzes the implications of reforms for companies and their officers


Preface.- Table of Contents.- List of Abbreviations.- Part I The Analytical Framework.- Emergence and Convergence: Corporate Criminal Liability Principles in Overview; Mark Pieth and Radha Ivory.- Part II Country Reports.- Corporate Criminal Liability in the United States: Is a New Approach Warranted?; Ved P. Nanda.- Corporate Criminal Liability in England and Wales: Past, Present, and Future; Celia Wells.- Corporate Criminal Liability in Scotland: The Problems with a Piecemeal Approach; Findlay Stark.- Corporate Criminal Liability in France; Katrin Deckert.- Corporate Criminal Liability in the Netherlands; Berend F. Keulen and Gritter.- La responsabilit? p?nale de l'entreprise en droit Suisse?; Bertrand Perrin.- Corporate Criminal Liability in Germany; Martin B?se.- Societas Delinquere Potest? The Italian Solution; Cristina de Maglie.- La Responsabilidad de las Personas Jur?dicas en el Derecho Penal Espa?ol?; Miguel ?ngel Boldova and Mar?a ?ngeles Rueda.- Principales Aspectos de la Nueva de Responsabilidad Penal de las Personas Jur?dicas en Chile (Ley N?20.393); Nelly Salvo. Corporate Criminal Liability in Hungary; Ferenc Santhaand Szilvia Dobrosci.- Why the Czech Republic Does not (yet) Recognize Corporate Criminal Liability: A Description of Unsuccessful Law Reforms; Jir? Jel?nek and Karel Beran.- The Recognition of Legal Persons in International Human Rights Instruments: Protection Against and Through Criminal Justice?; Piet Hein van Kempen.- Part III Conclusions.- Final Remarks: Criminal Liability and Compliance Programs; Mark Pieth.


From the reviews:"The work explores the various forms and types of corporate criminal liability and examines the procedures necessary to achieve conviction and the sanctions attached to the same. ... this work is to be highly recommended for academics and students who have an interest in the comparative study of corporate criminal liability. ... the commentaries attached to the various jurisdictions provide the reader with an interesting and informative analysis of the development and emergence of rules relating to corporate criminal liability in individual states." (Stephen Griffin, International Company and Commercial Law Review, Vol. 23 (9), 2012)

ISBN 9-400706-73-1, ISBN 9-40-070673-1, ISBN 9-40070-673-1, ISBN 9-400-70673-1, ISBN 9-4007-0673-1

ISBN 978-9-400706-73-6, ISBN 978-9-40-070673-6, ISBN 978-9-40070-673-6, ISBN 978-9-400-70673-6, ISBN 978-9-4007-0673-6

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Pieth/Ivory (Ed).
Corporate criminal liability. Emergence, convergence, and risk.
Dordrecht [u.a.], Springer, 2011. XV, 395 S. OPp, Ius Gentium, 9. guter Zustand. EAN: 9789400706736 (ISBN: 9400706731)

Schlagworte: Jura - Strafrecht, StPO, Kriminologie

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