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Oudkerk, Matthijs (Herausgeber); Reiser, Maximilian F. (Herausgeber)

Coronary Radiology (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Diagnostic Imaging

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, September 2010

2nd edition - 354 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 235 schwarz-weiße und 170 farbige Abbildungen, 37 farbige Tabellen - 272x200x18 mm

ISBN: 3642069541 EAN: 9783642069543

This is the second edition of the first available monograph on coronary radiology. In line with recent advances, this edition places special emphasis on the role of non-invasive techniques, detailed information being provided on CT angiography with multidetector and dual-source tomography, 2D and 3D visualization techniques, and MR coronary angiography. Sections on invasive imaging techniques and coronary calcification are included. High-quality color images compliment the text.

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Only monograph to focus exclusively on coronary radiology New, completely up-to-date edition that places special emphasis on the role of non-invasive imaging modalities, including CT angiography with multidetector and dual-source tomography and MR coronary angiography Includes sections on invasive imaging techniques and coronary calcification Text supported by numerous high-quality color images


Coronary Anatomy.- Invasive Coronary Imaging.- Non-Invasive Coronary Imaging.- Non-Invasive Measurement of Coronary Atherosclerosis.- Multi-Dimensional Computed Cardiac Visualization.


From the reviews of the second edition:"The monumental and revolutionary steps in the development of technical procedures in coronary radiology that have taken place in the past few years are properly and clearly depicted in the second edition of this book. ... Many beautiful black and white and colour images are to be found and surely will be of interest to the reader. ... this is a very impressive book to be recommended to Radiologists, Cardiologists, Clinicians and Hospital Administrators." (Giampiero Beluffi, La Radiologia Medica, Vol. 114, 2009)"This volume offers a comprehensive treatment of the modalities available for imaging the coronary arteries. ... There is excellent correlation with real life clinical practice which I have found invaluable. The information is presented in a detailed, precise manner, making this an excellent reference book. The text is complemented by clear diagrams and illustrations, and the image reproduction is superb. The trainees with whom I work have found this book to be an invaluable resource ... . I recommend this book without reservation." (Nigel Beharry, RAD Magazine, April, 2011)

ISBN 3-642-06954-1

ISBN 978-3-642-06954-3

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Coronary Radiology,

Oudkerk, Matthijs und Maximilian F. Reiser (Eds.):
Coronary Radiology, 2nd edition
Heidelberg, Springer, 2009. X, 354 p. 405 illus., 170 in color., kartoniert EAN: 9783642069543 (ISBN: 3642069541)

During the past decade, coronary radiology has undergone rapid development. This second edition of the only available monograph on the subject covers the full range of radiological modalities used to examine the coronary arteries and coronary vessel walls. Special emphasis is placed on the role of non-invasive techniques, which can supply information on the condition of the coronary arteries within one simple and short examination. The modalities considered in detail include CT angiography with multidetector and dual-source tomography, 2D and 3D visualization techniques, and MR coronary angiography. Invasive procedures are not neglected, however, and a separate section includes chapters on conventional catheterization, quantitative angiography, and intravascular and quantitative ultrasound. Besides the new acquisition technologies, the substantial improvements made by postprocessing software developers and novel indications for coronary imaging are discussed. A section devoted to coronary calcification clearly explains its development and the use of modern techniques in its visualization and quantification. Furthermore, the latest guidelines on acute chest pain and coronary calcification assessment, written by the key international authorities in the field, are discussed. This important book illustrates how coronary imaging is moving in a direction that will permit the non-invasive acquisition of detailed information on the condition of the coronary arteries in patients worldwide. The text is supported by a large number of high-quality color images of the coronary and cardiac anatomy. ISBN 9783642069543

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