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Condemi, Silvana (Herausgeber); Weniger, Gerd-Christian (Herausgeber)

Continuity and Discontinuity in the Peopling of Europe One Hundred Fifty Years of Neanderthal Study (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Netherland, März 2011

Edition - 376 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 285x223x33 mm Book

ISBN: 9400704917 EAN: 9789400704916

Since the Western world first became aware of the existence of Neanderthals, this Pleistocene human has been a regular focus of interest among specialists and also among the general public. In fact, we know far more about Neanderthals than we do about any other extinct human population. Furthermore, over the past 150 years no other palaeospecies has been such a constant source of discussion and fierce debate among palaeoanthropologists and archaeologists. This book presents the status of our knowledge as well as the methods and techniques used to study this extinct population and it suggests perspectives for future research.

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Offers the most recent summary of results concerning ancient fossils in Europe, Neanderthals and the origin of modern humansDeals with the relation between Neanderthals and modern Humans


1. The Genus Homo:? Origin, Speciation and Dispersal Winfried Henke and Thorolf Hardt?2.? Before the Neanderthals:? Hominid Evolution in Middle Pleistocene EuropeIan Tattersall?3.? The Earliest European Human Peopling after the Recent Discoveries:? Early Neanderthals or Different Lineages?Francesco Mallegni?4.? The Gran Dolina-TD6 Human Fossil Remains and the Origin of NeanderthalsJuan? Maria Bermudez de Castro, M. Martinon-Torres, A. Gomez-Robles, A. Margvelashvili, J.L. Arsuaga, J.M. Carretero, I. Martinez & S. Sarmiento5.? The Hominid Fossils from China Contemporaneous with the Neanderthals and Some Related StudiesWu Liu and Xiujie Wu?6.? Behavioral and Cultural Origins of Neanderthals:? A Levantine Perspective Naama Goren-Inbar?7.? Discontinuities in the Faunal Assemblages and Early Human Populations of Central and Western Europe during the Middle and Late PleistoceneWighart von Koenigswald?8.? Neanderthal Geographical and Chronological Variation Bernard Vandermeersch and Maria- Dolores Garralda ?9.? A Preliminary Approach to the Neanderthal Speciation by Distance Hypothesis: a View from the Shoulder ComplexJean-Luc Voisin?10.? Facts and Ideas in Paleolithic Growth Studies (Paleoauxology). Evidence from Neanderthals in Europe.????? Anne-Marie Tillier?11.? Dental Development and Age at Death of a Middle Paleolithic Juvenile Hominin from Obi-Rakhmat Grotto, Uzbekistan Tanya M. Smith, D. J. Reid, A.J. Olejniczak, S. Bailey, M. Glantz, B. Viola and J.-J.Hublin?12.? Computerized Reconstruction of Prenatal Growth Trajectories in the Dentition: Implications for the Taxonomic Status of NeandertalsPatricia Smith, Gal Avishai, Ralph M?ller and Yankel Gabet?13.? Endostructural Characterisation of the Regourdou 1 Neanderthal Proximal Arm:? Bilateral Asymmetry and HandednessVirginie Volpato, Christine Couture, Roberto Macchiarelli and? Bernard Vandermeersch?14.? A Three-dimensional Look at the Neanderthal MandibleKaterina Harvati, Nandini? Singh and Elisa Nicholson L?pez??15.?? Integration and Homology of "Chignon" and "Hemibun" MorphologyPhilipp G?nz and Katerina Harvati?16. Virtual Synthesis of the Skull in Neanderthals by FESSUlrich Witzel?17. Neandertal mtDNA from a Late Pleistocene Human Mandible from the Cova del Gegant ?(Spain)Juan Luis Arsuaga, R. Quam, J. Daura, M. Sanz, M.E. Subira, L. Dalen and A. G?therstrom?18. Towards Neanderthal PaleogenomicsDavid Caramelli, Lucio Milani, Roscoe Stanyon and Carles Lalueza Fox?19. Twelve Years of Neandertal Genetic Discoveries?: State-of-the-art and Future Challenges Ludovic Orlando and Catherine H?nni?20.? Radiocarbon Dating the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic Transition: the Demise of the Last Neanderthals and the First Appearance of Anatomically Modern Humans in EuropeOlaf J?ris, Martin Street, Thomas Terberger and Bernhard Weninger?21.? Archaeological, Paleontological and Genomic Perspectives on Late European Neandertals at Vindija Cave, CroatiaIvor Jankovic, Ivor Karavanic, James C. M. Ahern, Dejana Brajkovic, Jadranka Mauch, Lenardic and? Fred H. Smith?22.? Late Neandertals and Early Modern Humans in Europe: Population Dynamics and PaleobiologyErik Trinkaus?23. Aliens from Outer Time? Why the "Human Revolution" Is Wrong, and Where Do We Go from Here?Jo?o Zilh?o?24. Neandertals and the Roots of Human Recency Milford H. Wolpoff and Rachel Caspari?25. Epilogue 150 Years of Neanderthal

Über den Autor

Silvana Condemi is an anthropologist who studied at the Universities of Paris VI and Bordeaux (France).  She is currently Director of Research at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in the laboratory of Anthropology at the University of Marseille, where she directs the unit of paleoanthropology. She has specialized in Pleistocene human evolution, in particular concerning the origin and evolution of Neanderthals and on the emergence of modern humans. She conducts field work in the Middle East and Europe. Her research focuses on interpretation of the archeological record, on patterns of human anatomical variation, the relationship between genetics and environment, ecogeographical patterning and, more recently, collaboration on ancient DNA analysis and modelling of Neanderthal populations. Gerd-Christian Weniger is a palaeolithic archaeologist with special interest in human cultural and biological evolution during the Upper Pleistocene in Europe and the Near East. Since 1991 he is professor of Prehistory at the University of Cologne and since 1996 he is director of the Neanderthal Museum. His current research includes the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition in Europe. As director of the Neanderthal Museum he is engaged in various research projects including field work in the Western Mediterranean and directing NESPOS an interactive online database on the archaeology and anthropology of Neanderthals.

ISBN 9-400704-91-7, ISBN 9-40-070491-7, ISBN 9-40070-491-7, ISBN 9-400-70491-7, ISBN 9-4007-0491-7

ISBN 978-9-400704-91-6, ISBN 978-9-40-070491-6, ISBN 978-9-40070-491-6, ISBN 978-9-400-70491-6, ISBN 978-9-4007-0491-6

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