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McKenney, Susan; Reeves, Thomas; Herrington, Jan

Conducting Educational Design Research (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Taylor & Francis Ltd., April 2012

256 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 11 black & white illustrations, 25 black & white tables - 233x154x17 mm

ISBN: 0415618045 EAN: 9780415618045

Educational design research blends scientific investigation with systematic development and implementation of solutions to educational problems. Empirical investigation is conducted in real learning settings-not laboratories-to craft usable and effective solutions. At the same time, the research is carefully structured to produce theoretical understanding that can serve the work of others. To support graduate students as well as experienced researchers who are new to this approach, Conducting Educational Design Research integrates multiple perspectives of educational design research throughout this three-part book. Part one clarifies the educational design research origins, approach and outcomes. It also presents a generic model portraying the overall process. Part two discusses the constituent elements of the model in detail, these are: analysis and exploration; design and construction; evaluation and reflection; and implementation and spread. Part three offers recommendations for proposing, reporting and advancing educational design research. Through related readings and richly varied examples, Conducting Educational Design Research offers clear and well-documented guidance on how to conceptualize and conduct this stimulating form of inquiry. For decades, policies for educational research worldwide have swung back and forth between demanding rigor above all other concerns, and increasing emphasis on impact. These two qualities need not be mutually exclusive. This volume supports readers in grasping and realizing the potential of educational design research. It demonstrates how rigorous and relevant investigation can yield both theoretical understanding and solutions to urgent educational problems.

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Part I: Foundations 1. About educational design research 2. Contributions to theory and practice: Concepts and examples 3. Toward a generic model for educational design research Part II: Core Processes 4. Analysis and exploration 5. Design and construction 6. Evaluation and reflection 7. Implementation and spread Part III: moving forward 8. Writing proposals for educational design research 9. Reporting educational design research 10. Looking back and looking ahead

Über den Autor

Susan McKenney is Associate Professor of Curriculum Implementation at both the University of Twente and the Open University of the Netherlands. Thomas C. Reeves is Professor Emeritus of Learning, Design, and Technology at the University of Georgia, USA.

ISBN 0-415618-04-5, ISBN 0-41-561804-5, ISBN 0-41561-804-5, ISBN 0-415-61804-5, ISBN 0-4156-1804-5

ISBN 978-0-415618-04-5, ISBN 978-0-41-561804-5, ISBN 978-0-41561-804-5, ISBN 978-0-415-61804-5, ISBN 978-0-4156-1804-5

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