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Gutwirth, Serge (Herausgeber); Poullet, Yves (Herausgeber); De Hert, Paul (Herausgeber); Leenes, Ronald (Herausgeber)

Computers, Privacy and Data Protection: an Element of Choice An Element of Choice (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Netherland, Februar 2011

1st Edition. - 457 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 15 schwarz-weiße und 10 farbige Abbildungen - 242x167x25 mm Book

ISBN: 9400706405 EAN: 9789400706408

This timely interdisciplinary work on current developments in ICT and privacy/data protection, coincides as it does with the rethinking of the Data Protection Directive, the contentious debates on data sharing with the USA (SWIFT, PNR) and the judicial and political resistance against data retention. The authors of the contributions focus on particular and pertinent issues from the perspective of their different disciplines which range from the legal through sociology, surveillance studies and technology assessment, to computer sciences. Such issues include cutting-edge developments in the field of cloud computing, ambient intelligence and PETs; data retention, PNR-agreements, property in personal data and the right to personal identity; electronic road tolling, HIV-related information, criminal records and teenager's online conduct, to name but a few.

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Timely look at current developments in ICT and privacy/data protection Daring and prospective approaches coinciding with the revision of the Data ProtectionDirective A pertinent, interdisciplinary focus


Introduction.- Part 1 Building and Rebuilding Legal Concepts for Privacy and Data Protection.- Chapter 1 The German Constitutional Court Judgment on Data Retention: Proportionality Overrides Unlimited Surveillance (Doesn't It?); Katja de Vries, Rocco Bellanova, Paul De Hert and Serge Gutwirth.- Chapter 2 The Noise in the Archive: Oblivion in the Age of Total Recall; Jean-Fran?ois Blanchette.- Chapter 3 Property in personal data. Second life of an old idea in the age of cloud computing, chain informatisation, and ambient intelligence; Nadezhda Purtova.- Chapter 4, Right to Personal Identity. The Challenges of Ambient Intelligence and the Need for a New Legal Conceptualization ; Norberto Nuno Gomes de Andrade.- Part 2 The Dark Side: Suspicions, Distrust and Surveillance.- Chapter 5 Frames from the life and death of Jean Charles de Menezes; Amos Bianchi & Denis J. Roio (a.k.a. Jaromil).- Chapter 6 Regulating Privacy: Vocabularies of Motive in Legislating Right of Access to Criminal Records in Sweden; Christel Backman.- Chapter 7 Ubiquitous computing, privacy and data protection: options and limitations to reconcile the unprecedented contradictions; Johann Cas.- Chapter 8 Franziska Boehm, EU PNR: European Flight passengers under general suspicion. The envisaged European model of analyzing flight passenger data.- Chapter 9 Options for securing PCs against phishing and espionage. A report from the EU-project "Open Trusted Computing"; Arnd Weber and Dirk Weber.- Part 3 Privacy Practices as Vectors of Reflection.- Chapter 10 Keeping up appearances: Audience segregation in social network sites; Bibi Van den Berg and Ronald Leenes.- Chapter 11 Avatars out of Control. Gazira Babeli, Pose Balls and 'Rape' in Second Life; Katja De Vries.- Chapter 12 Privacy as a practice: exploring the relational and spatial dynamics of HIV-related information seeking; Fadhila Mazanderani and Ian Brown.- Chapter 13 Rise and Phall: Lessons from the Phorm Saga; Paul Bernal.- Chapter 14 Disclosing or protecting? Teenagers' online self-disclosure; ?Michel Walrave and Wannes Heirman.- Chapter 15 Why Adopting Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) Takes So Much Time; John J. Borking.- Part 4 Privacy and Data Protection in the Cloud.- Chapter 16 Can a Cloud be Really Secure? A Socratic Dialogue; Gurpreet Dhillon and Ella Kolkowska.- Chapter 17 Privacy Regulations for Cloud Computing. Compliance and Implementation in Theory and Practice; ?Joep Ruiter and Martijn Warnier.- Chapter 18 Data Protection in the Clouds?; Yves Poullet, Jean-Marc Van Gyseghem, Jean-Philippe Moiny, Jacques G?rard and Claire Gayrel.- Chapter 19 Privacy-preserving Mining of Association Rules from Outsourced Transaction Databases; Fosca Giannotti, Laks V.S. Lakshmanan, Anna Monreale, Dino Pedreschi and Hui (Wendy) Wang.- Chapter 20 Access Control in Cloud-on-GRID Systems: the PerfCloud Case Study; Valentina Casola, Raffaele Lettiero, Massimiliano Rak and Umberto Villano.- Chapter 21 Security and privacy in the clouds: a bird's eye view; Wolter Pieters.

ISBN 9-400706-40-5, ISBN 9-40-070640-5, ISBN 9-40070-640-5, ISBN 9-400-70640-5, ISBN 9-4007-0640-5

ISBN 978-9-400706-40-8, ISBN 978-9-40-070640-8, ISBN 978-9-40070-640-8, ISBN 978-9-400-70640-8, ISBN 978-9-4007-0640-8

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