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Papadrakakis, Manolis (Herausgeber); Fragiadakis, Michalis (Herausgeber); Lagaros, Nikos (Herausgeber)

Computational Methods in Earthquake Engineering (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Computational Methods in Applied Sciences 21

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Netherland, April 2011

586 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 242x164x41 mm

ISBN: 9400700520 EAN: 9789400700529

This book provides an insight in advanced methods and concepts for structural analysis and design against seismic loading. The book consists of 25 chapters dealing with a wide range of timely issues in contemporary Earthquake Engineering. In brief, the topics covered are: collapse assessment, record selection, effect of soil conditions, problems in seismic design, protection of monuments, earth dam structures and liquid containers, numerical methods, lifetime assessment, post-earthquake measures.A common ground of understanding is provided between the communities of Earth Sciences and Computational Mechanics towards mitigating seismic risk. The topic is of great social and scientific interest, due to the large number of scientists and practicing engineers currently working in the field and due to the great social and economic consequences of earthquakes.

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Participation of leading experts in the fields of Earthquake Engineering and Computational Mechanics The constantly increasing interest in topic Unique approach combining two aspects of subject


D.G. Lignos, H. Krawinkler, A.S. Whittaker: Collapse Assessment of Steel Moment Resisting Frames under Earthquake Shaking.- C. Adam, C. Jäger: Seismic Induced Global Collapse of Non-Deteriorating Frame Structures.- A. Sextos, E. Katsanos, A. Georgiou, P. Faraonis, G.D. Manolis: On the evaluation of EC8-based record selection procedures for the dynamic analysis of buildings and bridges.- D. Assimaki, Wei Li, M. Fragiadakis: Site Effects In Ground Motion Models For Structural Performance Estimation.- A.J. Kappos, E.D. Goutzika, S.P. Stefanidou, A.G. Sextos: Problems in pushover analysis of bridges sensitive to torsion.- S.J. Pardalopoulos and S.J. Pantazopoulou: Spatial Displacement Patterns of R.C. Buildings under Seismic Loads.- Demetrios M. Cotsovos , Michael D. Kotsovos: Constitutive Modelling Of Concrete Behaviour: Need For Reappraisal.- K.K. Wijesundara, D. Bolognini, R. Nascimbene: Numerical simulation of gusset plate connection with rhs shape brace under cyclic loading.- Juan Carlos Vielma, Alex Barbat and Sergio Oller: Seismic response of RC framed buildings designed according to Eurocodes.- J.V. Lemos, A. Campos Costa, E.M. Bretas: Assessment of the seismic capacity of stone masonry walls with block models.- L. Papaloizou, P. Komodromos: Seismic Behaviour of Ancient Multidrum Structures.- I.N. Psycharis, A.E. Drougas and Maria-Eleni Dasiou: Seismic Behaviour of the Walls of the Parthenon A Numerical Study.- M. Dolsek: Estimation of seismic response parameters through extended incremental dynamic analysis.- Alexandros A. Taflanidis: Robust stochastic design of viscous dampers for base isolation applications.- A. Moutsopoulou, G.E. Stavroulakis, and A. Pouliezos: Uncertainty modeling and robust control for smart structures.- C.G. Panagiotopoulos, E.A. Paraskevopoulos, G.D. Manolis: Critical Assessment of Penalty-Type Methods for Imposition of Time-Dependent Boundary Conditions in FEM Formulations for Elastodynamics.- E.J. Sapountzakis and J.A. Dourakopoulos: Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Timoshenko Beams.- A. Papachristidis, M. Fragiadakis, and M. Papadrakakis: Inelastic analysis of frames under combined bending, shear and torsion.- M. Basili, C. Nuti: Seismic simulation and base sliding of concrete gravity dams.- G. Papazafeiropoulos, Y. Tsompanakis, P.N. Psarropoulos: Dynamic interaction of concrete dam-reservoir foundation: Analytical and numerical solutions.- S.A. Karamanos, L.A. Patkas and D. Papaprokopiou: Numerical Analysis of Externally-Induced Sloshing in Spherical Liquid Containers.- M.K. Jha, K. Kepaptsoglou, M.G. Karlaftis, G.A.K. Karri: A Bilevel Optimization Model For Large Scale Highway Infrastructure Maintenance Inspection And Scheduling Following A Seismic Event.- D.M. Frangopol, M. Akiyama: Lifetime seismic reliability analysis of corroded reinforced concrete bridge piers.- Ch.Ch. Mitropoulou, N.D. Lagaros, M. Papadrakakis: Advances in Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Structures.- I.E. Bal, F.G. Gülay, S.S. Tezcan: Use of Analytical Tools for Calibration of Parameters in P25 Preliminary Assessment Method.

ISBN 9-400700-52-0, ISBN 9-40-070052-0, ISBN 9-40070-052-0, ISBN 9-400-70052-0, ISBN 9-4007-0052-0

ISBN 978-9-400700-52-9, ISBN 978-9-40-070052-9, ISBN 978-9-40070-052-9, ISBN 978-9-400-70052-9, ISBN 978-9-4007-0052-9

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