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Rudas, Imre J. (Herausgeber); Fodor, János (Herausgeber)

Computational Intelligence and Informatics Principles and Practice (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Studies in Computational Intelligence 313

Springer-Verlag GmbH, September 2010

350 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 241x164x28 mm

ISBN: 3642152198 EAN: 9783642152191

The International Symposium of Hungarian Researchers on Computational Intel- th gence and Informatics celebrated its 10 edition in 2009. This volume contains a careful selection of papers that are based on and are extensions of corresponding l- tures presented at the jubilee conference. This annual Symposium was launched by Budapest Tech (previously Budapest Polytechnic) and by the Hungarian Fuzzy Association in 2000, with the aim to bring together Hungarian speaking researchers working on computational intelligence and related topics from all over the world, but with special emphasis on the Central Eu- pean Region. th The Symposium of the 10 jubilee anniversary contained 70 reviewed papers. The growing interests, the enthusiasm of the participants have proved that the Symposium has become an internationally recognized scientific event providing a good platform for the annual meeting of Hungarian researchers. The main subject area called Computational Intelligence includes diverse topics. Therefore, we offer snapshots rather than a full coverage of a small particular subject to the interested reader. This principle is also supported by the common national root of the authors. The book begins with Information Systems and Communication. This part contains papers on graphs of grammars, software and hardware solution for Mojette transf- mation, statistical intrusion detection, congestion forecast, and 3D-based internet communication and control.

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State of the art of Computational Intelligence in Engineering Carefully edited outcome of the 10th International Symposium of Hungarian Researchers on Computational Intelligence and Informatics held November 12-14 2009 in Budapest Written by leading experts in the field


Graphs of Grammars - Derivations as Parallel Processes.- MTTool Software Tool and Low Complexity Hardware for Mojette Transformation.- Network Statistics in Function of Statistical Intrusion Detection.- Congestion Forecast - A Societal Opportunity.- 3D-Based Internet Communication and Control.- Global, Camera-Based Localization and Prediction of Future Positions in Mobile Robot Navigation.- New Principles and Adequate Robust Control Methods for Artificial Pancreas.- Modern Control Solutions with Applications in Mechatronic Systems.- Adaptive Tackling of the Swinging Problem for a 2 DOF Crane - Payload System.- Robots as In-Betweeners.- Comparative Investigation of Various Evolutionary and Memetic Algorithms.- A Novel Approach to Solve Multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem by Genetic Algorithm.- Some Examples of Computing the Possibilistic Correlation Coefficient from Joint Possibility Distributions.- A Novel Bitmap-Based Algorithm for Frequent Itemsets Mining.- Neural Networks Adaptation with NEAT-Like Approach.- Incremental Rule Base Creation with Fuzzy Rule Interpolation-Based Q-Learning.- Protective Fuzzy Control of Hexapod Walking Robot Driver in Case of Walking and Dropping.- Survey on Five Fuzzy Inference-Based Student Evaluation Methods.- Fuzzy Hand Posture Models in Man-Machine Communication.- Computational Qualitative Economics.- A Spectral Projected Gradient Optimization for Binary Tomography.- Product Definition Using a New Knowledge Representation Method.- Incremental Encoder in Electrical Drives: Modeling and Simulation.- Real-Time Modeling of an Electro-hydraulic Servo System.- Mathematical Model of a Small Turbojet Engine MPM-20.- Performance Prediction of Web-Based Software Systems.- Optimization in Fuzzy Flip-Flop Neural Networks.

ISBN 3-642-15219-8

ISBN 978-3-642-15219-1

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