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Etro, Federico; Kokkoris, Ioannis

Competition Law and the Enforcement of Article 102 (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Oxford University Press, Februar 2011

224 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 241x165x28 mm

ISBN: 0199586187 EAN: 9780199586189

With incisive and thought-provoking contributions from leading international academics and practitioners, this book addresses in detail the EU approach to antitrust and abuse of dominance, and considers in particular the Commission's guidelines for enforcing Article 102 of the EC Treaty.

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1: Federico Etro & Ioannis Kokkoris: Toward an Economic Approach to Article 102; 2: Damien Geradin: Does the Guidance Paper on Article 102 Matter?; 3: Philip Marsden: Some outstanding issues from the European Commission's Guidance on Article 102: Not-so-faint echoes of Ordoliberalism; 4: Yannis Katsoulacos & David Ulph: Optimal Enforcement and Decision Structures for Competition Policy: Economic Considerations; 5: Assimakis Komninos & Katarzyna Czapracka: IP Rights in the EU-Microsoft Saga; 6: Jean-Yves Art & Pablo Ibáñez Colomo: Judicial Review in Article 102; 7: Denis Waelbroeck: The assessment of efficiencies under Article 102 and the Commission's Guidance Paper; 8: Jean-François Bellis & Tim Kasten: Will Efficiencies Play an Increasingly Important Role in the Assessment of Conduct Under Article 102?; 9: Ioannis Kokkoris: Is there a Gap in the Enforcement of Article 102?; 10: Ioannis Lianos: Is the availability of 'appropriate' remedies a limit to competition law liability under Article 102?; 11: Chiara Fumagalli, Jorge Padilla & Michele Polo: Damages for exclusionary practices: a primer

Über den Autor

Dr Ioannis Kokkoris is a Reader at the University of Reading in the UK and a Visiting Professor at Bocconi University in Italy. Prior to that he was a Principal Case Officer at the Office of Fair Trading in the UK and an International Consultant on Competition policy for the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe. He has published more than 10 books and 40 articles on competition law, regulation as well as corporate law. Dr Kokkoris' background combines both law and economics. He holds a BA in Economics (Essex, UK) and an MPhil in Economics (Cambridge, UK), as well as an LLM (with distinction Warwick, UK) and a PhD in Competition Law (King's College London, UK) and has conducted research at Harvard Law School. He is Vice Chairman of the Institute of Studies in Competition Law and Policy and Vice President of the International Thinktank on Innovation and Research.


The editors have brought the chapters together well, and have framed the debate well, and the book makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the issues underlying the continuing debates as to the best way to enforce TFEU art.102. Mark Furse, European Competition Law Review

ISBN 0-199586-18-7, ISBN 0-19-958618-7, ISBN 0-19958-618-7, ISBN 0-199-58618-7, ISBN 0-1995-8618-7

ISBN 978-0-199586-18-9, ISBN 978-0-19-958618-9, ISBN 978-0-19958-618-9, ISBN 978-0-199-58618-9, ISBN 978-0-1995-8618-9

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